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Webinar: How to Prepare for the Visual Content Apocalypse

Webinar: How to Prepare for the Visual Content Apocalypse

You’re savvy. You know photos and videos get more eyeballs and more shares than any other type of content. And, like every smart marketer and creative these days, you’re churning out more thumb-stopping visual content than you ever have before.

But are you prepared for the visual content apocalypse?

This apocalypse is headed right for us. Think about it: as we produce more and more visual content, we’re facing bigger and bigger roadblocks every day. Do you know how to face the frustrating challenges that come with storing high resolution photos and videos, moving massive files from one place to another, and finding the perfect creative asset to share as soon as your brand starts trending?

Don’t be scared. Instead, watch our latest on-demand Libris Visual Storytelling Webinar, How To Prepare Your Team For The Visual Content Apocalypse!


In This On-Demand Webinar, You’ll Learn:
  • How to source high quality visual content that will cut through the noise and catch your audience’s attention
  • The risks you take every day with your content (and how to avoid them)
  • Steps to making your content easier to find and share (even on a tight deadline)
Meet Our Panelists:

Andrew Fingerman is a visual content marketing expert and the CEO of PhotoShelter. Previously, Andrew lead PhotoShelter’s marketing team as VP of Marketing, and earned his chops as a Senior Product Manager with OPEN, the small business team at American Express, handling customer marketing for the Centurion, Platinum, Gold and Green charge cards.

Get a preview of Andrew’s take on the visual content apocalypse:

We’re producing and publishing more content than ever before. There are very tangible business rewards that can be gained for brands gifted in the art and science of connecting content with audience and converting audience to customers. And along with this, there’s a very real euphoria for the marketer that comes with the success of producing content that hits its mark.

So, we continue to feed the beast. We produce and publish more, and more, and more. We see how the audience reacts to photos (really well), so we feed the beast more photos. Then we learn how they react to text laid atop those photos, and we feed the beast crafty memes. Then infographics. Then video clips — the beast certainly loves these. So we feed it more.

Kristin Twiford is a multimedia content producer and the Content Marketing Manager for Libris. She started out as a television news reporter, and now produces written and video content about how brands use visual storytelling.

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