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Sharing Event Visuals on Social Media in Real Time: New Guide Is Out!

Now more than ever, marketing is about having powerful visual content to tell your brand’s story. Audiences expect great content and they expect it quickly – if not in real time. This trend is especially apparent when it comes to events, which are inherently visual experiences.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Eventbrite for our latest resource, The Guide to Sharing Event Visuals on Social Media in Real Time.

Inside, you’ll get tips to maximize event ROI through real-time visual storytelling, including:

  • The ideal workflow and equipment you need to get event photos online fast
  • Examples of brands who have mastered real-time photo sharing on social media, including the Colorado Rockies, Women’s March Chicago and Professional Bull Riders
  • Tips for measuring social engagement on visual content shared during your events

Marketing teams are challenged to meet expectations from content hungry followers — especially when it comes to events. Sharing content from an event that happened yesterday — or, worse, last week — can quickly feel outdated and reflect poorly on your brand.

That’s why it’s critical to dedicate time and resources to a real-time social media visual storytelling strategy on event day. Your goal? To deliver your best quality visuals instantly, maximize engagement and keep your followers coming back for more.

Use this guide to get started and set yourself up for real-time visual storytelling success at your next event.

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