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Roundup: Social Media Metrics, Secrets, Strategies and More

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We’re taking a dive into the land of social media this week. Below you’ll find some of our favorite reads on social media strategy, tips for measuring ROI and more.

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7 Companies That Used Visuals in Their Social Media Strategy to Get Amazing Results

By Brad Smith for Venngage

“Nobody reads anymore. We don’t have time. And we don’t have the patience when faced with an onslaught of never-ending content. So we scan. Your social headline might (key word here) stick out. If you’re extremely good, lucky, or click baity. But otherwise, it’s your image that does the heavy lifting. The first thing people notice, form an impression or expectation, and click through to see more (or not). Fortunately, you don’t have to be a graphic design rockstar. You just need to use the tools and tricks of the trade that the best of the best are using.”

Which Stats Matter: The Definitive Guide to Tracking Social Media Metrics

By Kevan Lee for Buffer

“In general, we are hoping to see a clear winner in a majority of the stats. When that’s not the case, we have a choice to make. Are we more inclined to clicks or retweets?

Clicks tell us that the headline is interesting and helpful on an individual level. Someone reads the headlines and wants to know more about the story. In general, this is our No. 1 metric to determine the headline winner.

Retweets tell us that the headline is interesting enough to share with all of someone’s followers. This is a substantial compliment and one that speaks to the virality of the headline.

So in some ways, clicks vs. retweets comes down to individual appeal vs. mass appeal.”

How 6 Companies Use Content For Other Departments Besides Marketing

By Erin Nelson for Contently

“While content marketing may be the trend du jour, content isn’t just for marketing. Content is everywhere: It’s the article that helps sales secure a coveted meeting, the memo from HR that announces a new acquisition, the personalized deck from account managers that keeps clients up to speed.

While content for other departments besides marketing can often be just as important, it almost never receives the same amount of attention. That deck from the account managers may be riddled with errors or stray from the company’s signature voice. These mistakes happen all the time, and they wind up wasting a lot of time and money.”

Measuring social media ROI: Case studies & stats that prove it’s possible

By David Moth for Econsultancy

“In reality there are numerous ways of tracking social ROI. For example, it’s great for brand awareness, customer retention, and customer service. But you need realistic goals and the patience to achieve them.

Most importantly (in my view), businesses need to accept that you can’t just ‘do social’. A social media strategy can’t exist in isolation.”

7 Pro Sports Social Media Giants Share Their Secrets

By Dani Maczysnki for Libris

“For professional sports teams, providing high quality content in a flash is crucial for fan engagement. Teams are combining fast FTP workflows, cutting-edge tools and high quality visual storytelling to share their stories and captivate audiences.

But the game is always changing, and teams need to stay on top of new technology and trends. That’s why we asked seven top creatives and digital marketers in pro sports to share their tips for keeping their team’s content strategy one step ahead of the competition.”

Cover photo by Dani Maczynski 

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