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Roundup: Digital Asset Management in 2025, Instagram Tips and More


Did You See That?

These are the stories that caught our attention this week – from some exciting statistics about digital asset management to the future of mobile photography!

Scroll through the roundup to get our take and check out the quotes that grabbed us.


Digital Asset Management Market Forecast 2025 by Deployment, Applications and End-Use

Orbis Research

This press release from Orbis Research is an exciting and interesting read. It’s loaded with statistics about the future of digital asset management (DAM) and why investing in a DAM solution now could reduce issues for your brand in the future. This statistic in particular caught my eye.

The global digital asset management market is expected to reach USD 5.60 billion by 2025, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc. The market is anticipated to witness a healthy growth, ascribed to the increasing preference by organizations for rich media content for promoting brands and products.

It’s no wonder that every company using digital media will have a DAM solution in place by 2025. Increasingly, audiences crave visual content. If your your brand wants to keep up with the demand, you need a powerful digital asset management platform. An organized visual media library helps teams seize opportunities to share their message on social media, through public relations and more.

How to Get 100 Instagram Followers in 24 Hours

By Jan Oršula

Everyone is talking about Instagram. Hundreds of experts are giving you the lowdown on what you should and shouldn’t do. If I had to point to an article that told it best, this would be the one. It’s loaded with important tips on how to build your social following and if you do what Jan Oršula says, you will see growth.

Don’t use Instagram as a broadcast platform. Engagement on Instagram is much higher than on the other social media platforms. People expect more than just receiving updates from you. There’s a difference between being a publisher, member and leader of a community, don’t be just a publisher.

Instagram gives your brand a unique opportunity to connect with your fans in a personal way. Seize the opportunity to use Instagram as a tool to build community. Take a look at some of these tips and make sure you have a pen and paper close by.

How Marketing Must Evolve: 19 Leaders Peer Into Content’s Future

Content Marketing Institute
By Marcia Riefer Johnston

This article by Marcia Johnston is a straightforward analysis of the future of content marketing. Johnston doesn’t cut a corner. She covers everything from building an online community to assessing your processes.

Marketing needs to lead a culture of content that transcends individual functions of the business. To do this, we need to communicate what we know about our customers and the market potential throughout the business so that everyone involved in planning, creating, distributing, managing, and measuring content can align their efforts on common insights and goals.

Johnston’s tips come from a wide range of experts. Plus, if you find a tip you really like, you can click a quote within the article and send it straight to your Twitter feed.

One of my favorite tips comes from Laurel Nicholes. It’s a great fit for your Instagram strategy.

Laurel Nicholes shares a great tip for your Instagram strategy!

Laurel Nicholes shares a great tip for your Instagram strategy!

How to Use Instagram Live to Generate Leads

Social Media Examiner
By Ana Gotter

Have you tried Instagram live yet? Still sort of a skeptic? This article will help inform your team about the right actions to take before using the new tool as well as how to collect warm email leads from your viewers. Remember, not every situation is a fit for live video. Don’t go live just to go live – use it for a good reason.

Because Instagram Live video isn’t permanent, you don’t go live to give information you want users to refer to later. (Facebook Live, which can be saved, is a better platform for that purpose.) Teasing new products, information, or big announcements, however, is another story.

This tip is spot on. Think #FOMO.

Make Your iPhone 7 a Better Camera with These New Offerings from Moment Lenses

By Andrew Griswold

We’re excited to see one of our Libris partners stirring up the world of mobile photography again this week. Moment just launched their new Kickstarter campaign with new lenses and new cases that will make shooting on your iPhone more seamless than ever before. Andrew Griswold of Fstoppers gives an awesome walk through of the new Moment products and explains why he looks to Moment to enhance his mobile photography.

I have used Moment lenses for a couple years now with a couple iPhone iterations and can say with confidence they are the best mobile lenses on the market. They could even rival some DSLR glass by Canon and Nikon.

Having a fast mobile workflow is important for every brand. Every one of your team members carries a camera in their pocket every day, which offers limitless opportunities to capture every moment.

We teamed up with Moment to host a photowalk at Destination Marketing Association International’s 2016 Annual Convention in Minneapolis. Read more about how to host a photowalk for your brand.

We’re a big fan of a Moment and hope you’ll check out their campaign!

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Cover photo by Dani Maczynski.

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