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Roundup: Content Marketing on LinkedIn, Standing Out on Instagram and More

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This week in our visual storytelling roundup, you’ll find articles about how to get more likes on Instagram, the best way to use LinkedIn for sharing content, and how to make sure your overall marketing strategy is up to snuff.

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How to Make Your Customers Stop and Like Your Photos When Scrolling Through Instagram

By Ari Zoldan for Inc.

“It’s getting harder. Instagram recently unrolled a new feature called Algorithm, which sorts your feed not based on chronological postorder like we’re used to, but based on several intricate factors. Some of these factors are influencer/audience engagement, relevance to your interests, and time spent viewing a certain post.”

Marketing Mix Is Key To A Successful Marketing Plan

By Matt Duczeminski for Fieldboom

“Content marketing, social media marketing, even email marketing…these are all two-way streets – if you allow them to be.

In other words, it’s not enough to ‘set it and forget it’ by publishing a blog post, scheduling a post on Facebook, or sending out an email blast; you need to actively engage with the members of your audience that respond to these campaigns.

In this way, you’re not simply promoting your product to consumers; you’re promoting your value to individuals who are in need of your services. In doing so, you tear down the wall that acts as a barrier between supplier and customer, and forge a more authentic relationship with the people who need you most.”

How to Win Over Sports Fans with Social Media Activations

By Sofia Lundberg for MarTech Advisor

“A significant part of sporting events is the unpredictability. While it is important for advertisers to connect with users in real-time, a pre-planned strategy is just as vital for driving real paid social success. Run ads on Facebook for a few days leading up to the tournaments, switching assets often in order to stave off saturation. Once the competitions begin, use Custom Audiences to re-engage with users who have watched your pre-phase content and encourage them to tune in to the ads you will be serving during the events.”

Teach, Don’t Sell: Why Educational Content Marketing Matters

By Ben Lange for CastleFord

“Content curation has tapped its  way into the content marketing world to extend and empower relevant content in the online world. When done correctly, content curation gives a personal and relevant perspective to each published blog post.

The curation technique can help you to fuel your curated content marketing. It could offer you the chance to boost your SEO and bring valuable traffic to your website.”

Maximize Your Results with Content Marketing on LinkedIn

By Melonie Dodaro for Top Dog Social Media

“As part of your content marketing plan you should consistently share content that provides helpful insight into relevant trends and news on your topic/industry.

Creating concise, step-by-step ‘how-to’ content or share your best tips and tricks will not only help you achieve great engagement with your content, but over time will establish your authority or thought leadership. This is vital to develop a following or community that is eager and hungry for your content.”


Cover photo by Dani Maczynski 

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