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New Guide: Real-Time Photo Workflow 101

Real-Time Photo Workflow 101: The Guide to Faster Visual Storytelling

Do you want to engage your followers instantly?

When your brand is hosting an event, whether it’s a baseball game, a music festival or a 5K fundraiser, your audience is primed to pay attention. Chances are they’re scrolling through their newsfeeds looking for photos – and they’re more likely to share whatever photo they see first. Will that be a photo your brand posted on Twitter with a witty caption and a behind the scenes angle, or a generic snapshot from a local news outlet?

If you can share a great photo in real time, you can control your story.

That’s why we’ve created a new guide, Real-Time Photo Workflow 101: The Guide to Faster Visual Storytelling. Watch the video to get a preview!

Download the guide to get:

  • A step-by-step look at how to share high quality photos instantly
  • A list of the equipment you’ll need for a real-time photo workflow
  • Inspiration from brands engaging followers with real-time visual content

Plus, get access to resources that will set your team up for real-time visual storytelling success!

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