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The Shifting Speed of Photography and Storytelling in Professional Sports

Gameday Then and Now: Real-Time Sports Storytelling in the Digital Age

Sports photography is moving faster than ever. Fans expect to see high quality photos of a play on social media immediately.

That means the tools and the expectations for sports photographers are changing. Photographers are delivering content in a flash, and they’re striving to strike a balance between speed and quality.

In our new interactive, multimedia story with Ceros, we asked veteran sports photographers and photo editors to share how they navigate the shifting landscape of storytelling in pro sports.

Gameday Then & Now: Real-Time Sports Storytelling in the Digital Age is packed with stunning sports photos, a timeline of major changes influencing pro sports storytelling, and behind the scenes videos with the experts, including:

  • Jeffrey Furticella, Sports Photo Editor for The New York Times
  • Phil Hoffman, Photographer for the Baltimore Ravens
  • Rob Tringali, Professional Photographer who’s covered every major event from the Super Bowl to the Olympics to the 2016 World Series

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