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New! Copyright 101: A Glossary for Marketers

As a marketer, understanding copyrights and license agreements is essential, especially as you find yourself sharing photos and videos every day to keep your audience engaged.

Being misinformed on image copyrights — a.k.a. the intellectual ownership over the photos you distribute — and the agreements surrounding your use of those photos could ultimately cost your company big time. We’re talking pricey infringement fines and unwelcome PR nightmares.

To help demystify the topic, we’re releasing our latest guide, Copyright 101: A Glossary for Marketers.

This glossary digs into 20 must-know copyright terms to help your marketing team avoid unnecessary pitfalls that can happen if you misuse a photo.

Inside, you’ll get:

  • Definitions on topics related to copyright, metadata and image licensing
  • Free templates to download, including a sample Image Release Agreement and a Copyright Compliance Policy
  • More tips on how to manage your images and keep your visual content organized

The best part? This glossary is approved by Sara F. Hawkins, an attorney at law who specializes in social media. With almost 20 years of experience, Sara is a leading business and intellectual property attorney for businesses, entrepreneurs, content creators, online professionals and bloggers.

Use Copyright 101: A Glossary for Marketers to stay informed on key concepts that are essential for any marketer managing and sharing images today.

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