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New Guide: Developing a Visual Storytelling Strategy for Schools and Universities

The explosion of social media and the shift in consumer tastes over the past decade have made visual storytelling the most effective way to get a message to your target market.

But even so, many schools and universities have struggled to adopt a proactive strategy for engaging their audiences with compelling photos and videos. Marketing and communications teams in higher education need a solid plan for using visual content to capture the attention of students, teachers, parents, alumni and more.

Photo by Charles A. Smith/Jackson State University

To help you school get started, we’ve launched our latest guide, Developing a Visual Storytelling Strategy for Schools and Universities. Consider it your go-to resource for actionable tips and insights to segment your audience, develop visual content topics and measure your results.

Inside, see examples from schools who are thinking outside the box when it comes to visual content. Also get a step-by-step approach to visual storytelling, including tips to:

1. Identify your key audience(s)
2. Develop personas within the audience
3. Set goals
4. Determine the medium/media for each story
5. Create an editorial calendar that takes into account the time/effort needed for each piece
6. Measure your success

Photo by Phyllis Graber Jensen/Bates College

Creating engaging content doesn’t necessarily require huge production budgets, but an effective implementation does require a strategy and dedicated resources.

Ultimately, compelling content builds engagement, and that engagement builds affinity for your school. Affinity leads to donations of time or money, which all institutions strive for.

Photo by Emily Paine/Bucknell University

In a world where every brand is competing for consumer attention, institutions need a strong visual storytelling strategy to succeed. Download Developing a Visual Storytelling Strategy for Schools and Universities to put together a plan today.

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