13 Hashtag Sports Soundbites Your Digital Media Team Needs to Hear

13 Hashtag Sports Soundbites Your Digital Media Team Needs to Hear

The brightest minds in sports business gathered in New York City for the Hashtag Sports conference to talk cutting-edge digital media and technology. Here are 13 inspiring soundbites to give your digital marketing and social media a boost.

Lyndsay Signor, Senior Director of Consumer Engagement, NBC Sports Group

In a conversation with NBC Sports, the US Olympic Committee and Buzzfeed, Lyndsay Signor shared how NBC is telling the stories of the Olympics beyond primetime television.

“What we’ve learned over the last few Olympics is people can’t get enough Olympic content.” – @LyndsaySignor

In Rio, NBC partnered with Buzzfeed to reach a new audience.

“For us, we really want to really want to make sure we reach as many people as possible and it would be naive to think we can only do that by keeping everything within the NBC Olympics footprint.” – @LyndsaySignor

Watch the video to hear more:

Hemal Jhaveri, Editor, USA Today Sports For the Win

During a panel on live video, moderator Hemal Jhaveri summed up why viewers can’t get enough live content.

“There’s such a hunger for the unmediated experience.” – @hemjhaveri

Joe Caporoso, Vice President of Social Media, Whistle Sports

As he talked about Whistle Sports’ live video strategy, Joe Caporoso (@JCaporoso) encouraged social media teams to get creative and go beyond what viewers expect when they’re going live.

Heidi Browning, Chief Marketing Officer, National Hockey League

Heidi Browning explained how the NHL uses live video on social media to drive tune-in to the broadcast of the game.

“We want to make sure that live doesn’t take away from the broadcast, but actually is additive to it.” – @Heidi_Golightly

Watch the video to find out two other ways the NHL uses live video on social media:

Andrew Fingerman, CEO, PhotoShelter

Andrew Fingerman walked through the Colorado Rockies’ real-time photo workflow, and explained its ripple effect on fan engagement.

“There is no denying that the immediacy and the quality that the Rockies are able to provide is the best possible way to engage the fans.” – @awfingerman

Check Out Gameday Then & Now: Real-Time Sports Storytelling in the Digital Age

Chad Millman, Vice President, Editorial Director, ESPN Domestic Digital Content

In a panel on content creation for fans, team members from across ESPN shared strategies for print, digital and television. Chad Millman talked about how every team member is armed with an app that allows them to file behind the scenes stories from the field.

“So much of what our teams are gathering is inaccessible to anybody else.” – @chadmillman

Now, ESPN’s digital media team is able to share moments you can only see with a press pass with their audience.

“Those things are nuggets of gold.”- @chadmillman

Alison Overholt, Editor-in-Chief, ESPN The Magazine and espnW

Alison Overholt described how social media and print work hand in hand, with social media sparking a conversation and driving readers to a deeper experience (like a print magazine).

“I think a lot about social media as our modern newsstand. It’s where the conversations are happening, it’s where people are sharing things, it’s where things get started.” – @alisonoverholt

Noah Garden, Executive Vice President, Business, Major League Baseball

Noah Garden shared that fans consume MLB content on their phones for about seven minutes a day.

“In the seven minutes they give you, what do they want?” – @noahgarden

He encouraged teams to listen to their fans and create compelling content that fans can consume quickly, so they keep coming back when they have a few minutes to spare.

Jill Gregory, Chief Marketing Officer, NASCAR

Jill Gregory encouraged teams to tell their stories based on what their fans want and when. At NASCAR, she and her team have found that fans want feature-style content about the drivers during the week, then details (stats and strategy) on race day.

“Everything we do is meant to drive their passion and the marketing comes through that.” – @jillgregory6

Marissa O’Connor, Social and Digital Strategy, Arizona Coyotes

Marissa O’Connor (@MClaireOConnor) shared how the thinking behind the Arizona Coyotes’ Twitter strategy.

Jessica Smith, Senior Manager, Digital & Social Strategy, New York Yankees

Jessica Smith (@WarJessEagle) shared how the Yankees add a human element to their social media.

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