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Roundup: Video Marketing Strategy, SEO, Webinar Marketing Ideas and More

Roundup: Video Marketing Strategy, SEO, Webinar Marketing Ideas and More

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This week we have a mashup of articles covering everything from video marketing strategy and SEO to webinar marketing magic and more. We’ve gathered some of the hottest trending articles that are loaded with tips and insights.

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How to Choose the Best Ecommerce Platform for SEO

By Danny Richman for ecommerce-platforms.com

“Making sure that your products can be found easily on search engines such as Google can be the difference between an ecommerce business that fails or succeeds. A large part of effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is to ensure that the pages of your site appear as relevant as possible to a search engine for the search terms (keywords) that your prospective customers are using.”

6 Video Marketing Trends You Need to Know for 2017

By Colin Newcomer for Elegant Themes

“Surveys consistently say that marketers are planning to increase their video marketing budgets going into 2017. Does that apply to you? Personally, I find live video streaming to be the most attainable goal for a regular WordPress user. With 360-degree videos an intriguing, and increasingly affordable, option.”

4 Platforms to Dive Into Social Media Video Marketing

By Patrick Whatman for Mention

“In her Mention webinar, social media expert Lauren Teague highlighted the importance of video for social media marketers – especially for mobile. According to Cisco, mobile video will make up 75% of global mobile traffic by 2020. Social media marketers need to keep up.”

How I made my guest post a massive success

By Sol Orwell for SJO

“I was so excited the first time I had a guest post go up. I could see it – the article would go up, people would read it, our work would be lauded, and voila – we would be swept up in the glitterati and the business would boom.

The reality? The post went up, three people commented saying this was cool, and then… crickets

After that humbling experience, I set out to reverse engineer what made other posts successful, and how I too could do the same.”

United Airlines – the data driven story and brand impact

By Craig Hanna for GMA

“Eric Schiffer, CEO of Reputation Management Consultants, termed United’s handling of the incident ‘brand suicide’. ‘When you go onto a United flight, you shouldn’t have to be concerned there will be blood or you will get slammed in the face,’ Schiffer said. ‘I think you will see an effect on sales from those who are disgusted by the gruesome action. And it’s catastrophic for a brand’s trust.'”

11 Essential Growth Marketing Tools For 2017

By Liza Moc for Gliffy

“Flow in your business’s processes means constant movement between different tools and different people. This is essential in your marketing funnel, where your goal is to communicate value to your customer and keep prospects moving forwards towards conversion. The best marketing stack will make sure that information flows easily and smoothly, so prospects can also move quickly and successfully through your funnel to become customers.”

4 Reasons Why Webinar Is Your Best Tool For Modern Day Marketing

By Jarek Wasielewski for ClickMeeting

“Every craftsman knows that to get a job done well, you need to have the right tools. Although there are many marketing tools that can help you get your message out there, webinars rank as the #1 tool for modern day marketing. Webinars give marketers the chance to demonstrate and showcase their products to a live audience. What’s more, you can interact with your audience in a real-time.”

Keywordgraphics: The Secret to Creating Shareable Content

By Edward Dennis for Vengage

“Keywordgraphics might sound like a fancy term, but it’s essentially a simple concept: an infographic that focuses on a keyword (or a topic). Unlike a conventional infographic, a keywordgraphic has a narrow focus. It doesn’t just list a bunch of statistics; it answers a very specific question or explains a topic visually.”

How Dove Is ‘Hacking’ Photography to Change the Way Advertising Depicts Women

By Angela Natividad for Adweek

“Mindshare in Denmark wanted to do something about this. The result is ‘Image_Hack,’ a Dove-branded effort to take the industry on through a common tool—Shutterstock.

After observing terms like “beautiful woman” and “real woman” mostly yield the same ol’ same, ‘we collaborated with some of the biggest photographers in the industry and took pictures of strong, independent and original women in non-stereotypical settings,’ Mindshare creative director Kenneth Kaadtmann told AdFreak.”

Video Marketing Tips, Inspiration And Roi With Franklin & Marshall College

By Kristin Twiford for Libris

“Alexander and his team produce videos for student recruitment, alumni engagement, fundraising, events and more. Their work shines a light on what makes Franklin & Marshall unique, and it’s having a powerful impact.

‘For F&M in the past couple of years, you can see it in the overall image of the college,’ says Alexander.

He explains that applications shot up from 5,000 a year to 7,000 a year, and while video isn’t the only reason, it’s certainly a component.

‘It’s creating a feeling of pride,’ says Alexander.”

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