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Roundup: User Generated Content Tips, Trends and Examples

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We’ve put together some of the best UGC posts that are trending right now. Check out the quotes that grabbed us and click through for some great reads.

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What is User Generated Content (and Why You Should Be Using it)

By Lizzie Davey for Tintup

“When you consider that 86% of millennials say that UGC is a good indicator of the quality of a brand, and that 68% of social media users between the ages of 18 and 24 take into account information shared on social media when they make a purchasing decision (eMarketer), it’s easy to see why UGC is so powerful.”

The Power of User-Generated Content


For consumers considering a product or service, the opinions and experiences shared by their peers are much more influential than the best pitch your top salesperson can deliver.”

User-Generated Content May be the Ultimate Conversion Tool

By Jon Macdonald for The Good

“Smart brands set up listening posts in the most likely spots and monitor the conversation there. They set up a UGC strategy that spells out when to respond, who will respond, and how they’ll respond to mentions of the brand or the brand’s interests.”

The Future of User-Generated Content Is Owned

By David Hungegnaw for Adage

But when it comes to UGC, Apple takes a different approach. Rather than pandering to their customers for UGC through #hashtag campaigns, Apple quietly scours the Internet for the best UGC, then contacts those content creators to buy rights to this work. The result? The “Shot on iPhone” campaign, with more than 10,000 billboard installations around the world, allowed Apple to turn the world into its gallery.”

User-Generated Content – More Than Customer Reviews

By Ben Dickens for Business.com

“Since human society evolved, we have shared stories and experiences. It’s what builds communities and holds them together, sharing the human experience. Ultimately, that is what UGC is about, sharing our experiences. It’s just that technology has changed the way we do this.”

10 User Generated Content Campaigns That Actually Worked

By Eric Siu for Hubspot

Instead of pulling a quote for this article, we decided to share a piece of visual content. After all, this is a blog about visual storytelling.

6 Cutting-Edge User Generated Content Campaigns to Inspire Your Visual Content Marketing

By Yoav Guttman for the Libris Visual Storytelling Blog

“Contests are a great way to encourage your fans to create content related to your brand, and they can help you find ambassadors and stories that can help you engage fans in the future.”

14 Inspiring User Generated Content Campaigns

By Emily Carter for WebPage FX

“Did you know that the ROI on ads that contain UGC is higher than brand-only content ads? This is because people naturally tend to block out brand-sponsored advertisements. In addition, Facebook ads with UGC have a 300% higher click-through rate (CTR), 50% lower cost per click (CPC), and 50% lower cost per acquisition (CPA).”

For B2B Brands, User-generated-content Means More Powerful Content In Less Time

By Owen Matson for MarketScale

“People buy from people, we want to create and enrich positive, mutually-beneficial working partnerships with others.  Really, it’s high time more B2B marketers started to incorporate user generated content into their marketing efforts.”

Cover photo by Dani Maczynski.

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