Video Marketing Tip: Put Your Customers’ Values in the Spotlight

Video Marketing Tip Put Your Customers Values in the Spotlight via the Libris blog

Video content is exploding onto the marketing and communications scene. Brand storytellers are buzzing about video’s ability to capture fans’ attention. And video’s star continues to rise as organizations of all industries and sizes are shifting the focus to visual content.

So how can your team prepare for the growing demand for video?

And throughout each of these steps, there’s one tip you should always keep in mind: focus on the “why.”

Your video storytelling should tap into Simon Sinek’s idea, “it’s not what you do, it’s why you do it.” People don’t connect with your brand, they connect with your brand’s values. (If you haven’t seen his TED Talk, it’s worth a watch for any creative.)

Sinek says this idea is what sets Apple apart – people don’t buy iPhones because they are the best phones on the market. They buy them because Apple believes the same things they believe. Apple shares their values.

Take a look at Apple’s announcement for the iPhone 6s:

This video is built to connect with the audience’s values, not the product’s features. The visuals invite viewers to identify with the lifestyles on screen. The characters are a mix of celebrities and people who look like the video’s viewers, all going about their daily lives. The editing is fast-paced and the music is upbeat. Each feature included in the video highlights a value, like convenience, fun and creativity. All of these elements reinforce the video’s takeaway, “the only thing that’s changed is everything.” That tagline underscores another core value: progress. Apple understands that your lifestyle is constantly changing, and they want you to know the brand is evolving right along with you.

The Takeaway: Think about the beliefs your customers share with your organization. What emotions and values do they associate with your brand? Then, infuse your videos with those beliefs and values. Make sure the visuals, pacing and music fit together to tell a story that will resonate with your audience.

Videos that tap into your audience’s emotions and beliefs will get more views and shares on social media than videos that plug your brand.

White Paper: From Creativity to Content via the Libris blog

A version of this post was originally published in the PR News Visual Storytelling Guidebook 2016.

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