Dear Libris Clients… Thank You

Thank you to Libris clients

Here at Libris, we’re fortunate to work with creative teams who are blazing a trail and setting an incredible example for other brands.

As 2017 comes to an end, we want to take a minute to say thank you. Watch the video to see why we’re grateful to work with you every day!


5 Reasons We’re Grateful for You – Our Libris Clients

1. You inspire us.

You’re innovators. We love watching you get creative to engage your audiences, from the Carolina Panthers hiding the words of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air in their tweets to the Los Angeles Zoo dropping an epic sloth photo on the afternoon of the #CuteAnimalTweetOff with the caption, “I got here as fast as I could.”

2. You set a powerful example.

You are trendsetters. You’re ahead of the game in both digital asset management and visual storytelling, and we’re proud to work with teams who are using cutting-edge technology across the board.

3. You pay it forward.

Thank you for sharing your stories in our case studies and webinars. You have helped inspire thousands of your peers (and helped them feel they aren’t alone in their challenges).

4. You make our product better.

Your feedback helps our team make decisions about how to improve Libris. Thank you for doing interviews with our team and helping us build better solutions for you and teams like yours!

5. You make our work fun and exciting.

We love meeting you, whether it’s over the phone or in person. Thank you for joining us for photo walks, stopping by our booth at conferences, coming to events here in New York, and brightening our days by just being you!

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