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Roundup: Making The Most of Video Marketing, Measuring ROI and More

Roundup: Making The Most of Video Marketing, Measuring ROI and More

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This week we have an awesome roundup of articles surrounding the hot topics of video marketing strategy, content marketing tips and how to measure video ROI. Read through to see the quotes that caught our attention.

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The Definitive Guide to Video Marketing ROI

By Tim Ryan for Tar Productions

“Customer engagement with video can also lead to more substantial actions, like subscribing to a newsletter, purchasing a product or service, or spending more time on a brand’s site consuming content. High-performance engagement means your video is pulling its weight: your audience is growing and your sales are up.”

How Your Data Improves Your Higher Education Marketing

By Eric Sivertsen for Epicosity

“One of the primary ways you can enhance your marketing efforts to prospective students is through personalization. And the more data you have on your prospects, the more likely you’ll be able to narrow down your personalization to a level your target end user will find impressive and engagement-worthy.”

What is business video content marketing and how to get started

By Robert Weiss for Biznology

“Business decision-makers LOVE online B2B marketing videos because it gives them the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time. And what’s good for the company that makes an investment in online B2B marketing videos is that they are proven to increase metrics such as awareness, conversion rates, quality leads that go into the sales process, thought leadership, social metrics, open rates, and click-through rates in email campaigns.”

4 Tips To Optimize Social Media For B2B Marketing

By Denis McInerny for MarketScale

“Regardless of whether your business needs to reach B2B or B2C audiences, the point of social is interaction: At its core, all social media marketing comes down to people talking to people. The same basic principle applies to the people you want to reach and influence with a targeted B2B social marketing strategy.”

5 Tips for Incorporating Video into Your Marketing Mix

By Melissa Tassoni for Tailor Made Media

“Your marketing and communications strategy should identify your

  1. key messages
  2. programs of significance
  3. main communications vehicles
  4. audiences, and
  5. institutional/organizational/business goals”

The Beginner’s Guide to Video Marketing ROI

By Anton Eliasson for Shakr

“Proving video marketing ROI tracking is an essential part of succeeding with video. But many marketers struggle with tracking the ROI of their videos. Everyone seems to agree that video marketing is effective, but marketers still feel that proving ROI of video is a hurdle for them to spend even more money on online video ads.”

6 Highly Actionable Content Marketing Tips Worth Doing

By Alex Jasin for SEMrush

“You may think long posts are only for those who want to start a blog, but that’s not the case.
Creating lengthy, well-written, high-quality posts immediately does several things for you and your company:

  • It demonstrates your expertise in a particular area
  • It shows high-powered influencers that you’re doing more than looking for attention
  • It increases SEO rankings for your site
  • It usually increases overall traffic to your site”

Is Content Marketing’s Future in Video or Written Content?

By Sheelagh Caygill for Communicate Influence

“As algorithms get smarter and attention spans dwindle, marketers will realize that quality is truly the most important factor. Whether it is written content, podcasts, or video, producing high-quality content that truly educates/entertains will come out on top. You need to deliver value. That is key.”

Behind the Scenes with the Digital Media Team at the ACC Tournament

By Kristin Twiford for Libris

“Whenever you’re delivering content, you want to make sure people are actually using that content so you can get the highest possible return on investment. The ACC watches their download log in Libris to track how many people are downloading content. That way, they can see whether or not people are using the visual assets they provide, and make changes based on the results.”

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