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Roundup: Higher Education Content Marketing Tips, Strategies and More

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As temperatures start to rise and schools let out for the summer, now is the time for colleges and universities to set their sights on the new group of incoming students that will be gracing their campuses come September. This week, our roundup is focused on helping colleges gear up with content marketing tips, informational podcasts, ideas on how to write the best web copy and more.

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3 universities winning at content marketing

By Nels Urtel For Brandpoint

“There are so many more examples of great education marketing, but it just goes to show that this is not a passing fad. This is a full-on embrace of how the next generation of college students consumes the internet. As universities continue to mature as brands, the content will only get better. Digital Marketing is becoming extremely popular as technology is constantly advancing. Whether you’re making a website or visiting https://www.salesforce.com/products/guide/lead-gen/managing-leads/ to find out how to gain leads, marketing is very important. We really want to bring young people into marketing to develop their careers and knowledge.”

The Top 5 Best Higher Education Marketing Podcasts

By Kaley Shorter for Parisleaf

“If you’re not listening to podcasts, you’re missing out on a way to get great ideas and action plans from your higher education marketing peers around the country. What’s more, you can multitask by listening on your commute, a jog, or while getting things done around the house (I’ve learned a lot painting my living room!). I listen to these five podcasts and would recommend them for higher education marketers or anyone interested in higher education enrollment.”

Writing Effective Web Copy For Higher Education Marketing

By Bart Caylor for Caylor Solutions

“Implementing these five web writing tactics into your web copy, along with the previous web writing tips I wrote earlier, will encourage greater user interaction with your website and higher conversion rates.”

Marketing Brands of 2017: NewsCred’s #ThinkContent Awards

By Heather Eng for NewsCred

“Whether hot new startups or global giants, the best content marketing brands are the ones with splashy, interactive content hubs that drive conversions, stellar social media presences, innovative new technology integrations, and strong behind-the-scenes strategies and measurement plans. They’re the brands that make us stop and rethink what we’re doing and inspire us to push the boundaries with our own content marketing.”

The Secret to Higher Education Marketing on a Budget

By Rustin Nethercott for Constant Contact

“Rather than casting a wide and expensive net for student recruitment, automated marketing tools provide a targeted and cost-effective solution. A tool like email marketing lets you send professional communications to build loyalty with current students, keep in touch with alumni, and encourage both to advocate for your institution.”

Introducing the Libris by PhotoShelter UPAA Grant for University Photographers

By Kristin Twiford for Libris

“University photographers work long hours, cover countless events, wear a lot of hats, and do it all on a tight budget. At Libris, we understand that it can be challenging for photographers on campus to purchase new equipment or invest in their professional development. That’s why we’re excited to announce the Libris by PhotoShelter UPAA Grant. One member of the University Photographers’ Association of America (UPAA) who is employed full time by a college or university will be awarded $1,000 to use in their professional endeavors.”

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Cover photo by Dani Maczynski.

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