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Roundup: The Best Social Media and Content Marketing Tips on the Internet This Week

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Here on the Libris Visual Storytelling Blog, we’re celebrating creativity in real time. We asked experts from the New York Jets, The Economist, The Players’ Tribune and Undefined Creative to share how they produce high quality content on a tight deadline.

Now, we’ve put together the best articles of the week on social media tips and creative workflows. We hope you’ll enjoy this collection of articles by directors of marketing, copywriters and CEO’s who are killing it on social media.

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5 Steps to Developing a Strong Social Media Strategy

By Travis Huff for SocialMediaToday

“With 2.8 billion active social media users, maintaining an active presence on these networks is becoming increasingly important in getting your business front of your ideal audience. These days, more and more consumers are looking to engage and connect with their favorite brands on social – in fact, research shows that a third of Millennials actually prefer to communicate with brands via social media.”

The GIF Turns 30: How an Ancient Format Changed the Internet

By Klint Finley for Wired

“Animated GIFs have transcended their obscure 1990s roots to become a key part of day-to-day digital communication. Some, like Orson Welles clapping or Michael Jackson eating popcorn, have become instantly recognizable shorthand. Others, like Sean Spicer disappearing into the bushes—itself a remix of a popular Simpsons GIF—serve up political satire. The GIF does double duty as both expression and as badge of digital literacy. Not bad for an image standard that pre-dates the web itself.”

A Comprehensive Guide to Social Media ROI

By Sarah Dawley for Hootsuite

“Once you’ve identified what works and what doesn’t work for your organization on social, it’s time to iterate and improve your strategy. The point of tracking your social media ROI isn’t just to prove your social campaigns are valuable, it’s to increase their value over time.”

5 Steps to Building Your Startup’s Social Media Strategy

By Dan Bergeron for Tech.co

“Before launching posts on your company’s social media accounts, it’s wise to first build a content strategy and distribution calendar. Without that, many startups will quickly find themselves either too busy to post, bereft of ideas and content, and/or missing out on opportunities to capitalize on trending topics/events that are relevant to your brand.”

Write Seo-friendly Blogs With 7 Simple Techniques

By Jon Kaspszak for Pagezii

“Republishing your blogs on content networks opens your content up to huge audiences. It also gives you the opportunity to generate a backlink and drive social engagement. You’re probably familiar with a lot of these networks already. Think of Medium, LinkedIn, and Tumblr.”

5 Social Media Goals Needed For Your Strategy to Succeed

By Alex Everhart for Snaptactix

“Make sure your social media strategy includes initiatives to answer questions posted by your audience either to your social channels or within the comments section of your blog. When you follow up with the individual who left the inquiry in a timely, knowledgeable and professional manner, you not only exhibit your quality customer service skills and attentiveness to that particular person, but also, publicly, to your entire social audience.”

10 Trendy Tips to Improve Social Media ROI with Content Marketing

By Matthew Fritschle for Advanced Web Ranking

“Let’s start with a brief statistic: 60% of marketers say blog content creation is their top inbound marketing priority. Why? Because it works, simple as that. Posting blog content has many benefits. Seriously though, many benefits. A steady stream of blog posts not only showcases a business’ knowledge, but increases engagement, and with properly placed backlinks, improves SEO.”

5 Tips To Maximise Your Social Media Marketing Success

By Romain Ouzeau for Brand Quarterly

“While engaging content is king on social media, rewards are apparently queen. Global Web Index research revealed that the high brand advocacy among 16-24-year-olds was simply down to high-quality products for 50% of young people, however, for more than 40% the trigger was some kind of reward. Free gifts, vouchers and discounts are all extremely useful when encouraging your followers to endorse you so don’t forget this powerful carrot.”

11 Content & Social Media Marketing Experts from Top Agencies Share Content Tips

By Disha Dinesh for DrumUp

Disha Dinesh has rounded up some awesome tips about how to make the most of your content marketing plan. Check out this takeaway tip from Steve Radick VP, Director of PR at BrunnerWorks.

“You already have most of your assets, you’re just not using them. One of our clients is 84 Lumber, and one of the things that we’ve embraced when it comes to their content is the idea that our ‘best’ content was going to come from the work that the brand is already doing.

We weren’t going to spend a ton of money on like generators like memes, GIFs and trendy hashtags of the week. Instead, it’s about highlighting the people that work at 84 Lumber, the projects that they build, the products they manufacture, and the principles they believe in.”

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Cover photo by Dani Maczynski.

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