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Roundup: Social Media Tips, Real Time Workflows and More

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Last week we kicked off our Creativity in Real Time event where creative teams from the NY Jets, The Economist and The Player’s Tribune shared how they keep up with the demand for high quality content on a tight deadline. You can check out the entire recording of the evening here.

To keep the conversation going, we decided to focus this week’s roundup on social media tips, real time workflows and more. We hope you’ll share on social and give us a shout if you would like to hear more on a certain topic. You can send me a note at danielle@photoshelter.com or shout out at us on Instagram or Twitter @getlibris.


How to Use Social Media Marketing Sites to Promote Your Business

By Larisa Redins for Money Crashers

“While some small business owners still think that social media is just a “trend,” social media marketing has proven to be an excellent and cost-effective way to promote your small business. After all, social media allows you to personalize your business brand and develop business relationships with both potential and current customers.”

5 Challenges Of Real-time Social Media Analytics

By Angela Hausmann for Digitalist

“If you struggle to integrate real-time social media analytics and ROI, you’re in good company.
Just a few years ago, real-time social media analytics meant tracking #Fans/Followers, #shares, #website visitors. Today, those vanity metrics have faded as better tools arose to reduce big data into a more manageable group of metrics.”

Real Time Marketing For Social Media: Integrating Large Scale Events

By Steve Olenski for Forbes

“Not all of your time, effort and resources are required to focus on preparing a battle against others on social media for the first response to a trending topic. The first tweet on Twitter or the first post on Facebook might not be the winner, but smaller brands are encouraged to join the party. As long as you hold on to your real-time conversation with your audience, real-time marketing will work in your favor.”

7 Trends That Will Change Social Media in 2017

By Sophia Bernazzani for Hubspot

“At 600 million users, Instagram offers a vastly bigger audience than Snapchat at 150 million users. And because Facebook owns Instagram, Instagram advertisers can target based on Facebook and Instagram insights, which means there is a bigger target audience on Instagram than Twitter.”

The Next Phase of Community

By David Spinks for thinkgrowth.org

“The truth is community isn’t on the decline, it’s just different. It is once again evolving. Community has transcended borders. We can now participate in many more communities simultaneously, in any obscure topic that interests us. We can connect with people all over the world instantaneously. The concept of a single “global community” is, for the first time in history, a reality.”

Creativity in Real Time Panel with The Players’ Tribune, the New York Jets and Undefined Creative

By Kristin Twiford for Libris

“At our Libris Live event, Creativity in Real Time, Director of Photography for The Players’ Tribune Nate Gordon, Manager of Graphic Design & Photography for the New York Jets Joe Rey and Creative Director for Undefined Creative Maria Rapetskaya shared how they keep up with the demand for high quality content on a tight deadline.”

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Cover photo by Dani Maczynski.

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