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Roundup: Content Marketing Tips for Video Marketing, Visual Storytelling and More

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As the weather finally turns for the better, it’s time to get out there and produce some awesome content for your brand. This week on our visual storytelling blog, we’ve gathered articles loaded with tips and insights for content marketers.

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6 Things to Ask When Brainstorming for Content Ideas

By Amanda Clark for Medium

“Are you repeating yourself? There’s nothing wrong with recycling old ideas and putting new twists on them. In fact, it’s something we recommend. You don’t want to just keep saying the same thing over and over again, though, so always stop to consider whether you’ve crossed the line into redundancy.”

26 Video Marketing Experts And Marketing Professionals Share Their Top Tips For Creating Compelling, Engaging Videos That Resonate With Your Audience

By Angela Stringfellow for NGData

“Video marketing is taking the world by storm, thanks in part to the rapid rise of Facebook Live, Instagram Video, Snapchat, and, of course, the ever-popular YouTube. With more people consuming video content than ever before — for everything from sheer entertainment to education and researching products and companies to inform buying decisions — it’s no surprise that marketers are turning to video to reach new audiences and engage customers.”

The Benefits of Video Marketing in 2017

By Kyra Borg for Anchovy Inc 

“Businesses not only attract new customers but also stay connected with existing customers. In fact, 87% of social media users follow their favourite brand’s videos on popular sites such Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. What businesses need nowadays is a web presence. Utilizing video to tell your company or brand story will help you get people’s attention and set you apart from the competition.  A strong social connection between your business and local consumers will not only help to build trust with your customer base, but will also ultimately increase your conversion rate.”

3 Ways to Maximize Your Video Marketing ROI in 2017

By Alex Dunn for Bluleadz

“One great video marketing technique we’ve implemented, that is actually very simple, is creating videos for your 5-10 most organically-viewed blog posts. These posts are great sources of consistent and high quality traffic, and those extra conversion elements (video turnstile forms, CTAs and annotation links) can go a long way in generating new leads.”

An Actionable Guide to Visual Storytelling

By Robbie Richards for SnapApp

“Today, there’s a variety of tools that make it dead easy to use visual storytelling for marketing purposes. Instagram alone has birthed tens of thousands of entrepreneurs who market their products entirely by telling their brand stories through images.

The second reason is that the world is hungry for content. Thanks to mobile devices and social networks, an average user now views about 20 hours of digital media each week.”

How the UCF Knights Engage Fans with Fresh Visual Content

By Kristin Twiford for Libris

“For certain UCF events, like football games, the team is using a fast workflow to publish new content during the game. Photographers upload pre-game photos to the team’s Libris by PhotoShelter visual media library before kick-off. At halftime, they upload selects from the first half so the rest of the team has photos to share during the game and immediately afterward on social media.”

The Future of Email Marketing: Facebook Messenger or Email?

By Amy Hall for Maximize Social Business

“To keep marketers happy and spending more money on the platform Facebook has added quite a few capabilities to Messenger. They’ve made it easy to conduct customer service activities. Customers and potential customers can ask questions, order services, get more information about products and services and make purchases on messenger.”


Cover photo by Dani Maczynski.

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