Roundup: Content Marketing Strategy Tips to Help Your Team Push the Envelope

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Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest through the trees as the saying goes. That’s why this week we’ve gathered together articles to give your content marketing strategy a boost. Read about how to make the most of your Medium posts, tips for testing and more.

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A Content Marketing Strategy That Goes Beyond Pushing Tons of Copy

By Wendy Marx for Fast Company 

Wendy Marx pulls insights from, Michael Brenner, Head of Strategy for Content Marketing at NewsCred. Check out one of Brenner’s tips for keeping any marketing team on their toes:

“Typically marketing works in spurts around campaigns. According to Brenner, marketers need to have a consistent regular effort rather than short bursts. “Create a machine of continuous and consistent content creation. It is the only sustainable way to earn new customers without paying incrementally for each new one.”

3 Content Marketing Ideas You Haven’t Used Yet

By Phyllis Neil for Alabama Media Group

“Blogging is great for nurturing leads and warming up audiences, but they don’t do any good if nobody sees them. Recently we’ve had several clients where we’ve sold them a digital display campaign for the sole purpose of distributing their blog content. These campaigns work just like any other digital display campaign might, EXCEPT that the creative looks different – it specifically points the reader to a headline of a blog post instead of just to a company URL. Blog traffic has increased dramatically in these instances.”

How to Get Your Medium Stories to Rank on The Front Page of Google

By Mike Fishbein for Startup Grind

“Even if you publish on a website with high Domain Authority (like Medium) and build links to your page, if your article is not on a topic that people are searching for, people won’t see it in their search results. So, if your goal, is to gain readers from Google, evaluate what your customers are searching for, and determine if you can conceivably outrank the existing competition before creating the article.”

3 Reasons to Use End-to-End Testing in Your Content Marketing Strategy

By Olivia Chow for Crazy Egg

“From staying on the pulse of industry to getting product press to attracting clients, there can be a number of reasons to build credibility and relationships with the influencers of your industry. In the SEO game, these relationships are key to getting relevant links that Google will appreciate. If done meaningfully, creating content around end-to-end testing can be a reason to connect, as it adds new information and demonstrates your respect for the industry.”

11 Creative Ways to Pump Up Your Content Marketing Game

By Beth Adan for PR Daily

“The photo-sharing platform offers Instagram Stories, which enables users to share more than one photo at once in the form of a story that lasts for 24 hours.

This is an awesome opportunity for brand managers, because it enables them to share more content marketing material without clogging up customers’ news feeds and appearing spammy. It also enables you to create a “story” for each day, which is a great way to highlight current specials or happenings at your organization.”


Cover Photo by Dani Maczynski 

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