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Roundup: New Content Marketing Research, Visual Storytelling Tips and More

Roundup: New Content Marketing Research, Storytelling Tips and More

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This week in our visual storytelling roundup, you’ll find articles about how user generated content can give your content marketing a boost, how detailed storytelling can hold your audience’s attention, and how content marketers are using (and underusing) tools and technology.

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Learning to use content management martech is biggest educational need for marketers

By Amy Gesenhues for MarTech Today

“In addition to needing more education around content management technology, only 18 percent of the survey respondents believed their organization had the right technology in place to manage content.

Forty-five percent said they have tools but aren’t using them to their full potential (reinforcing the findings around learning to use technology as the top greatest educational need). Thirty-seven percent said their organization was lacking in the necessary tools.”

8 Free Content Marketing Tools You Should Be Using

By John Hall for Inc.

“Now, you don’t need to assemble a huge team to be successful in content; small content teams can still achieve impressive results. What you do need is to give your team the support, structure, and resources it needs to get the job done.”

Why Embracing User Generated Content Is Crucial For Your Content Marketing

By Inbound Rocket

“Brands, your company, have to put people above and beyond in their marketing process. By harnessing the power of individuals. UGC is all about authenticity and trustworthiness, about building that honest relationship with your audience. This is why UGC is so powerful.”

The 3 Types of Digital Marketing That Will Hack Your Company’s Growth

By Leo Obrien for Digiswell Marketing

“As Seth Godin says, the content space is surrounded by a screaming horde of noise. A key takeaway here is to always be unique and to create content that’s actually worth talking about.”

The Ultimate Guide to Lead Generation Through Content Marketing

By Ryan Scott for Lean Labs

“The truth is that there are no potions, chants, or spells behind each successful content marketing campaign. The marketers behind them were just quick to recognize that 96 percent of first-time website visitors are not ready to purchase and would rather take their time in getting to know you more, checking out the competition, and discerning which brand suits them best.”

How Detailed Storytelling Captures and Rewards an Audience’s Attention

By Meagan Maguire for The Content Standard

“When you approach storytelling content, it makes sense to think like a storyteller. Take the time to develop impactful details that can add life and meaning to your content. Readers want to be engaged. Evocative details can keep their eyes on the screen. Not to mention that if chosen carefully, they can build and reinforce your core message.”

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