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The Baltimore Ravens Go Visual with Libris and Ceros

Imagine this: You’re at a Baltimore Ravens game. It’s third down and there are ten seconds left in the half. Quarterback Joe Flacco throws the ball to running back Javorius Allen, who breaks a tackle and scores, putting the Ravens ahead by eight points.

You cheer with the rest of the crowd, then look down at your phone to see a photo of that touchdown on Twitter – ready for you to like, comment on and share with your friends.

The reality is that sports fans today expect – if not demand – great visual content at lightning speed. When you share action-packed gameday images a day or even just a few hours later, they lose their impact. Fans are left with content that feels old, and teams miss opportunities to maximize engagement with their followers online. It’s a lose, lose.

Fast visual storytelling is critical – just ask the Ravens.

The Ravens Take a Visual-First Approach to Storytelling

To satisfy their content-hungry fans, the Baltimore Ravens are taking a visual-first approach to storytelling online — and they’re doing it with Libris and Ceros. With these powerful technologies working together, the Ravens can now quickly create stunning visual content experiences for their fans.

Here’s how they do it.

Libris Gives the Ravens Instant Access to Photos and Visual Assets

The Ravens use Libris to manage all of their photos. This means the team’s best visual content is always at their fingertips, whether it was created in a game today or in the team’s first season.

With Libris, the Ravens have now unlocked a slew of real-time and daily content options. The team can now update social media, event recaps and daily posts in real time because they have instant access to images in their cloud-based media library.

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Photo: Shawn Hubbard / Baltimore Ravens

Ceros Empowers the Ravens to Quickly Create Beautiful Web Experiences

The Ravens implemented Ceros, an interactive multimedia platform, to enhance their content creation process and bring static assets to life in unique and immersive ways. The Ceros platform enables their designers to leverage their visual assets to create bespoke interactive web experiences for their fans without any coding.

The Impact

“We are always looking for new ways to give our fans unique behind-the-scenes access to the team,” says Erin Herbert, Digital Media Manager for the Baltimore Ravens. “Adopting a visual-first content strategy has allowed us to deliver an unparalleled experience to our fans, engaging them far beyond the playing field.”

Today, fans follow their favorite teams far beyond the game and are eager to connect with them online anytime, anywhere. As a result, sports photography is moving faster than ever and teams are expected to distribute high quality gameday photos online instantly. The power of Ceros and Libris together is making that a reality.

We partnered with Ceros to build an interactive experience to walk you through the Ravens’ visual content workflow. Go deeper and check out how the Baltimore Ravens are using Libris and Ceros to power their visual-first approach to storytelling.

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