Libris Online Reviews Unplugged: Your Words Performed by Our Team

Here’s to You: Thank You to Our Libris Digital Asset Management Clients

We’re grateful for our clients. In case you missed it on the Libris blog, we shared the 16 best digital asset management case studies of 2016. These stories highlight our clients’ incredible work, and we’re thankful they took us along for the ride.

Our clients are trailblazers in visual storytelling, forward-thinkers in visual asset management, and all around nice people. We love seeing Libris through your eyes. How can we not feel all warm and fuzzy when we see comments like this one?

We have solved the problem of not having a reliable resource to host all of our history. All our worries and concerns go out the door with Libris. We feel very comfortable uploading our files and knowing they’re in the good hands of the people who work for this company.

As we tried to decide how to say thank you to our clients, we thought it might be fun to have our team members read some of your wonderful feedback, so we printed off your online reviews from G2Crowd and Capterra and asked our team members to read your words aloud for the camera. Thank you for making us all smile.


Here’s to another great year – thank you for being part of our Libris family!

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