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Recognizing Excellence In VISUAL STORYTELLING
Photo by Anna Day, Utah Office of Tourism and 2016 Libris Iconic Images Award Winner

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Submissions close at 11:59 PM on  November 30, 2017. Read the full terms & conditions here.

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Submit Your Most Stunning Images For A Libris Iconic Images Award

What You Win

Libris Iconic Images Award winners are recognized as industry leaders in visual storytelling. 

The winning brands and photographers will receive the “2017 Libris Iconic Images Award” badge and award to distinguish themselves and their team for their amazing work.

Our 2016 Winners

MLB Photos
Democratic National Convention 
Baltimore Ravens
Utah Office of Tourism 
Preemptive Love
Ripple Effects Images 
University of Wisconsin-Stout
California Department of Water Resources Cleveland Metroparks
Johnson County Community College 
Visit Greenland
University of Tennesee Athletics 
Clarkson University
Bates College 
University of Florida
University of Texas San Antonio 
2016 Libris Iconic Images Award Winners

What We’re Looking For

 The photos must have been taken in 2017 to be considered. 

We will be looking for photos that tell a story, capture a moment or a movement, and inspire audiences through visual storytelling. 

Only Libris by PhotoShelter clients are eligible. Not a client yet? Get a demo here.

How To Enter

  1. Select your best images from 2017. 
  2. Double check that they all have a description and a photo credit. 
  3. Quick Send the original files to us at