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How to Get Started with Video Content Marketing Using Your iPhone

How to Get Started with Video Content Marketing Using Your iPhone

Video is catching everyone’s attention. 79% of marketers say the importance of video will increase in the future.

But moving into video marketing can be challenging. You might be wondering, where do I start with video? What if my team doesn’t have the right equipment? How do I know what works and what doesn’t?

Here’s the good news: getting started with video doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We all carry a tool for making videos in our pockets every day! Shooting video on your iPhone is a great way to get your feet wet with video marketing.

While iPhone videos aren’t a fit for every channel (like the homepage of your website), they can be great for social media or on your blog. Most importantly, they can be turned around quickly and easily, allowing you to engage audiences in the moment and test what video stories work well for your brand with little time investment.


This video was shot entirely on my iPhone for a post in our Union Square experiential marketing series, Behind the Scenes at Team Kellogg’s #GetsMeStarted Olympic Campaign Launch.

Take for example our Union Square experiential marketing series, where we cover events hosted by brands right outside our office in New York City. These events are packed with innovative visual storytelling experiments, like social media vending machines, GIF photo booths and selfie pancakes – a perfect fit for the Libris blog.

Typically, I shoot these stories with the camera I have on me when I walk by the events – my iPhone. Then, I use the Libris mobile uploader app to send the clips straight into my team’s visual media library. When I get back to my desk, I download the clips and quickly edit together a package in Adobe Premiere. I write up a post to compliment the video package and add any context I didn’t capture visually. That same afternoon, I publish the post and share on social media so I can join the conversation online before the buzz around the event has faded.

In a recent post for Content Marketing Institute, we shared three tips for producing videos on your phone in a flash. Check it out to see how you can produce quick and effective video content with your phone. Then, be sure to share your own tips and examples with @getlibris, @cmicontent and #cmworld!

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