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How to Avoid the #Fail During Your Brand’s Biggest Moment

Imagine this – it’s Sunday, February 4, 2018, and your team has made it to the Big Game in Minneapolis.

The season was one of the most exciting and controversial seasons in American sports history. The playoffs were a roller coaster. Play after play was a nail biter, with multiple games ending with hail Mary Touchdown passes.

Pundits are calling your team the dynasty of the future. Reporters are asking questions about the team’s history. They want photos of the team’s early years. They want photos of your 2017 breakout star.

The national nightly news is leading with an interview with your future Hall of Fame receiver and they want to put a slideshow gallery of his most epic catches on their website.

Are you ready for all the image requests that are coming your way?

If all of your images are stored on a hard drive or an internal server you can’t access outside of your building, you won’t be able to deliver the right assets when it’s your team’s turn to shine.

You need to be ready for that moment when all eyes are on you. The trick is that you might not know when that moment is coming. You need to be flexible, agile and quick to react.

Storing and organizing your photos in the cloud can help you rest assured that you’ll be ready for your team’s big moment.

Erin Herbert, Digital Media Coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens, can tell you from her own experience. When her team went to the Super Bowl in 2013, she put as many photos as she could on a hard drive before she left for New Orleans. But, when the image requests started rolling in, she realized she didn’t have everything she needed.

Now, the Ravens’ entire photo archive dating back to 1996 is easily searchable and accessible in the cloud. The team is ready for their next big moment – plus, the team can easily power their photo-packed website, interactive content and social media.

Get the full story in our webinar with Erin Herbert on March 14.

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Cover photo by Shawn Hubbard, Baltimore Ravens.

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