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The Strategy Behind GE’s Lightning-Fast Video Delivery

“You can’t be fast unless you’re organized.” – Brett Lemon, commercial photographer working with GE

In early 2018, the team at GE’s Crotonville Learning and Development Center presented commercial photographers Casey Templeton and Brett Lemon with a challenge: once a month, shoot 75 videos in four hours, and deliver all of them within 12 hours to GE leaders from all over the world.

With the right tools, Casey and Brett tackled this seemingly impossible task and wowed their clients at GE. They built a lightning-fast video workflow, and they haven’t had a single technical complaint.

“Using Libris is really the only way we could make this happen,” says Brett.

The team loves Libris because their videos upload quickly, it’s easy for everyone to use, and their clients at GE get a secure, branded experience when they’re watching their videos. It’s an all-in-one solution that fits all of their needs.

Want to get an insider’s look at how they built a seamless video workflow on a massive scale?

Watch the on-demand Libris Visual Storytelling Webinar, The Strategy Behind GE’s Lightning-Fast Video Delivery, today!

Cover photo by Casey Templeton, GE.

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