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Introducing the Fastest “Visual First” Creative Workflow from Creation to Publish

Introducing the Fastest “Visual First” Creative Workflow from Creation to Publish

Creative teams need a better way to keep up with the insatiable demand for high quality content. Photographers, videographers, editors, designers, marketers, and creatives are under intense pressure, expected to work at lightning speeds to push content out to their audiences in real time, but they face too many roadblocks along the way.

Today we’re officially announcing two Libris features to eliminate those roadblocks and help teams move faster across every step of the creative workflow: support for every type of file, and the Libris Adobe Creative Cloud Connector.

Together, these features create a streamlined end-to-end workflow from creation to publish. Watch the video to see it in action!


Whether you’re working to publish content in real-time (like in the video above) or trying to cut out steps from your day-to-day workflow, these changes will help your whole creative team save time.

Note: Expanded file support will affect all new Libris accounts. Already a Libris client? Contact client services with questions, or to learn more about licensing the Libris Adobe Creative Cloud Connector.

Store, Organize and Share Every Type of File

Libris now supports all file types. This means you can store, organize, access and distribute all your assets, from your photos and videos to your Adobe Creative Cloud projects and Microsoft Office documents, in one centralized, cloud-based media library. No need to go looking through your desktop, your inbox, your coworker’s Dropbox, or your team’s old hard drive ever again. Now, everything you need can always be right at your fingertips, no matter where you are.

Libris now supports every type of file.

Libris now supports every type of file.

Drag and Drop from the Cloud to Adobe

In addition to being able to store every file, including Adobe Creative Cloud projects, in Libris, now you can also create a seamless connection between your cloud-based media library and your Adobe creative projects. Drag and drop images from Libris straight into your projects in InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. No need to leave your project – you can browse and search your whole library right there.

The Bottom Line

Hundreds of brands, including top universities, professional sports teams, consumer brands and government institutions, use Libris to store, organize, access and distribute their visual assets. Now, they can get the benefits of fast search, controlled self self-service access and easy distribution for all of their files, regardless of file type. Plus, they can cut out steps for team members across the organization, whether they’re using a real-time workflow or saving time on a day-to-day basis.

The Libris “visual first” creative workflow is the fastest possible way to move a brand’s highest quality content from creator to audience. We can’t wait to see the stories you tell with this new workflow!

Learn more about Libris digital asset management expanded file support

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