Citibank Delivers Surprise and Delight with Social Vending Machine

Citi Bike and New York Mets Surprise and Delight NYC Union Square

Imagine a vending machine that accepts photos and hashtags as currency, rather than quarters and dollars.

Amazing news – such a vending machine exists and it’s delighting passersby in Union Square with New York Mets baseballs and Citi Bike gift certificates!

The event is celebrating Citi Bike’s third anniversary in New York City, as well as National Bike Month. Passersby can get some exercise by riding stationary Citi Bikes, win fun prizes from the social vending machine and sign a blackboard birthday card for Citi Bike. Mr. Met even stopped by to take photos with fans and wish Citi Bike a happy birthday.

To win a prize from the social vending machine, all you have to do is take a photo at the event, add the hashtag #MakeItHere (cue Frank Sinatra) as well as a unique promo hashtag generated by the vending machine, and share it on Instagram or Twitter, like this:

Then, like magic, the machine will give you a prize! Citibank worked with Soho Experiential to host the event, and we chatted with Soho Experiential’s Vice President of Client Services Matthew Kabel to get a behind the scenes take.


The social vending machine, as well as the Citi Perks Sweepstakes, a photo sweepstakes by Citi Bikes and the Mets, are generating buzz on social, while the live event catches eyes in Union Square. But as Matthew explains, the campaign does more than boost engagement. It also helps Citibank position itself as a savvy, high-tech brand in an increasingly digital landscape.


Matthew says the event, which is packed with hands-on experiences, is a great way to showcase Citibank’s commitment to cutting-edge technology, as well as Citi Bike’s mission of providing healthy and environmentally-friendly transportation, in a fun and interactive way.

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