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Libris + CrowdRiff: Streamline Your Visual Content Workflow

Travel brands are using visual content to catch the eyes of potential travelers across platforms. The right photos and videos can tell an aspirational story about your destination in seconds and convince your audience to book a trip.

But how can destination marketing organizations, hotels, attractions and other travel brands harness the power of first-hand, authentic content shared by real travelers on social media?

Research shows 47% of hospitality and travel brands are using user-generated content (UGC) in their communications.

Now, with Libris and CrowdRiff, you can streamline how you source, organize and publish authentic visual content. We’re talking an easy way to source UGC, the ability to store and organize all of your visual content (and usage rights) in one easily accessible place, and the power to get more from every visual asset in your library.

Pretty cool, right? Let’s take a closer look at how this integration can help your team.

1. Source, store and organize UGC

With Libris, your team can get visual content through a wide variety of sources. Photographers can upload to your library using Lightroom and Photo Mechanic integrations, FTP, etc. You can drag and drop files with our web uploader or do a massive upload from your desktop or server system with our Desktop Uploader. And, your contributors can upload photos and videos when they’re on the go with our mobile uploader app.

Now, you can also source content straight from CrowdRiff. The CrowdRiff platform allows you to find and acquire rights to visual content shared by your crowd on social media. You can search by keyword, hashtag, location, author, channel and more.

Once you’ve chosen some visual assets, you just select the ones you want to send to Libris and push them into your visual media library with the click of a button.

Push visual assets from CrowdRiff to Libris with the click of a button.

Push visual assets from CrowdRiff to Libris with the click of a button.

This easy integration allows you to store all of your content, both UGC and content produced by in-house and freelance creators, in one place. When you push your UGC from CrowdRiff to Libris, you’ll be able to keep it organized with metadata, collections and galleries, make it accessible to anyone who needs to use your brand’s visual content, and reduce risk by storing it in one secure cloud-based location.

2. Acquire and manage rights

When you source visual assets with CrowdRiff, you can use the rights management feature to ask the creator for the rights to use the image, ranging from simple social share permissions to all-encompassing usage rights agreements.

All of the rights information from CrowdRiff will come into Libris so you can easily track usage rights over time.

This allows your team to rest assured that they have the rights to use a visual asset in your brand’s communications.

Keep track of your usage rights using IPTC metadata in Libris.

Keep track of your usage rights using IPTC metadata in Libris.

3. Publish quickly and easily

This integration allows you to provide broader, controlled access to high-res UGC for stakeholders to use beyond website and social. Now, you can source and acquire advanced rights to UGC via CrowdRiff, then make it available to your team for use in a wide range of projects. The possibilities are endless!

Plus, all of the metadata and information attached to an image in CrowdRiff will travel with the image into Libris. With the powerful search functionality in Libris, you’ll be able to find your authentic, user-generated photos and videos whenever you need them.

With this integration, you’ll be able to streamline your workflow, get more from your visual assets, and create a well-rounded, authentic picture of your destination for your audience.

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