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Help Your Whole Team Work Faster: The Libris Creative Cloud Connector

Help Your Whole Team Work Faster: The Libris Creative Cloud Connector

Here at Libris, we’re all about speed and efficiency. We want to help you cut steps out of your workflow so you can get your work done quickly and engage your audience when it counts.

That’s why we’re making it even easier for your whole creative team to streamline their workflow with the Libris Creative Cloud Connector.

Now, you can drag and drop files from Libris straight into InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. That’s right – no need to download assets before you place them. Just drag them from the cloud, straight into your working document.

You can browse and search your Libris account without ever having to leave your working document.

Browse your collections and galleries to find a photo that works with your design.

Or, run a quick search to find exactly what you’re looking for. Test out different options until you’ve found the right fit.

Plus, just like when you place a file from your desktop, the file is a live link. If someone on your team updates a file in Libris, you’ll get a notification in the Links panel that the file has been updated.

Think of the possibilities!

Let’s say you’re the social media manager for a sports team and you need to get a graphic out pronto.

Step 1: Your photographer uses FTP to shoot photos straight into your team’s Libris account right after a big play.

Step 2: From there, your graphic designer drags the photo into a pre-made score update template in Photoshop, then uploads the final product to Libris.

Step 3: You download the finished graphic from Libris (in the size you want) and push it to social media, minutes after the scoreboard changed.

Now, your team can move a photo from the camera to social media in a matter of minutes. Even though you have to combine the work of three different people, you can still engage your fans in real time.

Now that you’re daydreaming about the possibilities, it’s time to try it out! Get ready to combine the speed of digital asset management with everything you love about the Adobe Creative Cloud. Learn more about how the Libris Creative Cloud Connector can help your team work faster!

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