10 Brands to Follow on World Photo Day 2018

Here at Libris, we believe the story in a single image can change the world. We’re proud to work with hundreds of cutting-edge creative teams who are engaging their audiences with incredible visual storytelling.

On World Photo Day 2018, we want to share a little inspiration for your brand’s visual storytelling. Here are 10 brands to follow on World Photo Day.

1. Vegas Golden Knights | @vegasgoldenknights

The Vegas Golden Knights made history in 2018 as the first ever NHL expansion team to make it all the way to the championship round of the Stanley Cup playoffs, but they were winning on social media before they even hit the ice for the first time. The brand has a quirky personality and their feeds are packed with creativity.


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2. National Aquarium | @nationalaquarium

Baby sloth yawning – need I say more? But seriously, this feed is more than just incredible photos of aquatic creatures. It gives you a closer look at the fascinating work going on at the National Aquarium through behind the scenes content and detailed captions. Plus, they participate in delightful events like the #CuteAnimalTweetOff.

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3. San Francisco Travel | @onlyinsf

San Francisco Travel uses gorgeous visual content across platforms (check out their website). On Instagram, the brand features a ton of influencer content, creating an authentic feel for their feed.

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4. Applegate Natural & Organic Meats | @applegate

Applegate has one of the most gorgeous, mouth-watering Instagram feeds I’ve ever seen. Plus, they use it to drive social media followers to their blog, where they post the recipes featured in the photos – genius.

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5. Professional Bull Riders | @pbr

Bull riding is, of course, incredibly visual. The Professional Bull Riders (PBR) Instagram is packed with jaw-dropping action photos and behind the scenes videos that all highlight PBR’s brand personality.

Cody Nance does his job. 88.5 points on Concealed Carry in RD☝🏼.

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6. Women’s March Chicago | @womensmarchchi

In February 2018, as 300,000 people marched on Chicago, 50 visual storytellers captured the moment from every angle. They wanted to create images that would have an impact – both in real time during the event and for years to come. They’re a great example of how a nonprofit can use images to inspire social change.

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7. Colorado Rockies | @rockies

The Colorado Rockies set a high standard for social media in the MLB. Whether they’re throwing the first punch in a Twitter snowball fight or starting a virtual singalong to Total Eclipse of the Heart, this team knows how to engage their fans. Plus, don’t miss the team’s photo blog.

Make some noise, that’s another one! #RoxWin 🖐

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8. Pandora | @pandora

For a company focused on audio, Pandora has an incredible visual identity. The team at Pandora wants you to feel like every image or video came from the same camera.

As Pandora’s photographer and digital asset manager, Michael Baca, puts it, “we want to strip away any filter and we want to present our work in a really relatable and personal way.”

Mission accomplished.

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9. Wendy’s | @wendys

Wendy’s has an incredible social media presence. Their Instagram is bright and colorful, with stop motion videos that stand out in your feed.

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10. PUBLIC Bikes | @publicbikes

The PUBLIC Bikes Instagram is light and airy, just like a leisurely bike ride (if you will). All of their images do a great job of conveying a feeling, whether they’re commissioned by the brand or sourced from their customers.

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Cover photo by Jeff Bottari, Vegas Golden Knights.

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