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The Best NFL Teams to Follow on Social Media

The Best NFL Teams to Follow on Social Media

Professional sports teams have all the ingredients for outstanding social media: interesting characters, dramatic events, a constant stream of new stories to tell, and huge audiences who are hungry for content. It’s no wonder these teams produce some of the best social media in the game.

But who are the best pro sports teams to follow on social media? Who’s using innovative formats and catching fans’ attention with creative storytelling? Who’s producing the smartest, most thumb-stopping content?

We want to get to the bottom of this, and we need your help. Let’s kick it off with the NFL. Scroll to see our top picks in the league, and vote in the polls to determine who will rank our list of the best pro sports teams on social media!

Who’s your top pick in the NFL?

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The Best NFL Teams on Social Media

New England Patriots

The reigning NFL champions have more Instagram followers than any other team in the league, and it’s not just because they’ve won five Super Bowls. The Patriots know how to keep their following engaged on social media.

Leading up to the 2017 season opener, the team celebrated #BannerWeek, a countdown to the rollout of the team’s fifth Super Bowl Banner. The team shared a mix of countdown graphics, behind the scenes time lapse videos and throwback footage to get fans excited. Check out the number of likes, views and comments on these posts!


A post shared by New England Patriots (@patriots) on

Getting ready. #BannerWeek

A post shared by New England Patriots (@patriots) on

Flashback to an unFOURgettable ceremony. #BannerWeek

A post shared by New England Patriots (@patriots) on

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Minnesota Vikings

Oh, the Minnesota Vikings – where to start? I don’t even know how to narrow down all the reasons you should follow the Vikings on social media. From off-beat videos like the #VikingsQuest series (seemingly a derivative of the popular team’s popular Vinekings videos), to fun cartoons, to photos and videos that show you what it’s really like to catch a game at the team’s new M&T Bank Stadium, this team knows what they’re doing.

Don’t miss the posts by the Vikings Instagram Group – photos of a Vikings helmet taken by photographers who live in the city where the Vikings will play their next away game.

The quest continues on to Chicago. Which team will come out on top? #VikingQuest #Skol

A post shared by Minnesota Vikings (@vikings) on

Let’s eat! #MINvsCHI

A post shared by Minnesota Vikings (@vikings) on

See all of Sunday in less than six seconds. #TBvsMIN

A post shared by Minnesota Vikings (@vikings) on

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Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers have one of the most fun, clever social media personalities in the league.

Check out how the team poked fun at the Jaguars on Earth Day:

And earlier this year, the team hid the lyrics of the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” theme song in their tweets for days (it took a lot of discipline!). When they revealed their secret, Twitter and the media went crazy. Here are a few of the tweets:

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Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins have traded in traditional advertising in favor of telling their own story on social media. They invest heavily in photo and video content that helps create new fans and engage existing fans.

The Dolphins have created a wide range of sponsored content franchises, ranging from Dolphins Daily, a daily news show about the team, to FinStory, a series of profiles on Dolphins fans. The result is binge-worthy content that keeps fans coming back for more.

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Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons rank our list for getting creative with motion graphics. During games, they tweet GIFs that combine video clips of players with eye-catching text and illustrations. It’s a great way to share evergreen content in a timely way.

On Instagram, they share on-brand animations and videos with cutting-edge visual effects.

There's no place like HOME. It's Game Time!

A post shared by Atlanta Falcons (@atlantafalcons) on

We're ready for you, Miami 😤

A post shared by Atlanta Falcons (@atlantafalcons) on

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Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens digital media team knows how to catch their fans’ attention on social media while their team dominates on the field. They use a lightning-fast photo workflow to share photos of big moments in the game right after they happen.

This also helps them create score updates that not only have the current score, but also have a fresh, relevant photo from the current game.

Webby 🕸🕸

A post shared by Baltimore Ravens (@ravens) on

We're back 😈

A post shared by Baltimore Ravens (@ravens) on

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Ready to vote for the top NFL team on social media?

Cover photo by Shawn Hubbard, Baltimore Ravens.

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