Best of Both Worlds: Introducing Libris Video


We’ve got big news…

The Best of Both Worlds

The word is out – MediaPost and MarTech Advisor are buzzing about it this morning, and now we can shout it from the rooftops – Libris has video!

And now that Libris, PhotoShelter’s visual asset management solution for organizations, lets you manage videos along with your photos, you can have the best of both worlds.

Why We’re Excited About Video

We love our jobs here at PhotoShelter. If you haven’t read our CEO’s post on why he comes to work every day, it’s worth a read.

Every day, we get to see how the best photographers and visual communicators in the world tell their stories.

We have been counting the days until we could tell you about video – and not just so we could share our team cameos in the videos above on Facebook. We can’t wait to see the videos you create.

Video’s role in brand storytelling is growing. Research shows that audience demand for video is growing, and more and more organizations are getting creative with video in their content marketing.

Video has an unmatched ability to tell a story, and we know you have amazing stories to tell.

We’re excited to have a front row seat.

How Organizations Power Visual Communications with Libris

Libris makes communicating visually easier, faster and more effective for organizations of all sizes and across industries.

Organizations from ConocoPhillips, to the Seattle Seahawks, to the University of North Carolina use their cloud-based photo and video libraries to store, organize and share their visual assets. Libris helps them streamline their day-to-day workflows and preserve their visual legacies.

Libris enables content creators and marketers at companies of all sizes and across industries to improve their workflows and visual storytelling.

Libris enables content creators and marketers at companies of all sizes and across industries to improve their workflows and visual storytelling.

Here are a couple of case studies that highlight how organizations power their visual communications with Libris.

Grupo Sal: Managing Visual Assets for Brands

“As a creative agency for brands like Nike and Corona, we increase the value we bring to our clients with Libris because it enables us to organize our visual assets in the cloud. This allows us to manage internal and external workflows quickly and easily on the fly — and with the right permissions,” says Marcius Viana, Strategic Planner for GrupoSAL. “We use lots of different types of video files and formats, and Libris’ new video capabilities keep us organized; our video library is always available, accessible and optimized.”

Rockit Ranch Productions: Visual Storytelling in Real-Time

“As a restaurant & nightclub development and management company, visual content is key. Libris is essential in helping us catalogue and organize our photos and videos within one place,” says Kevin Hartmann, Multimedia Coordinator for Rockit Ranch Productions. “Libris’ new video capabilities are easy to use, ensuring efficiency when it comes to getting the correct content to our different venues, while at the same time providing accurate categorization, multi-platform access and correct permissions. Libris allows our corporate and individual venue teams to capitalize on visual storytelling in real-time.”

Want to see more stories about organizations communicating visually with Libris? Check out some of our favorites:

The Top 9 Things You Should Know About Libris

1. It’s cloud-based storage for your photos and videos, so you can access your visual assets whenever, wherever

2. You can easily drag and drop files to upload to the library

3. The system is intuitive and easily searchable because it’s organized with collections, galleries and metadata

4. You control who gets to see and download your visual assets (and who doesn’t)

5. Simple sharing options make it easy to send files to your teammates and outside vendors (plus, Libris has reporting that lets you monitor who’s downloaded files)

6. The number of formats Libris supports is growing all the time (already, it supports large file sizes and lossless codecs, and the system lets you and your team download files in whatever resolution you need)

7. Libris has the best-in-industry security and privacy features, so your visual assets are always protected

8. Libris is backed by PhotoShelter’s 10 years of experience serving photographers and their commercial clients

9. We have a dedicated expert client support team right here in Union Square (you saw them smiling and waving at you in the first video above)


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