Behind the Scenes with Libris: Client Services Has Your Back

Libris by PhotoShelter client services

In our new video series, we’re taking you behind the scenes with Libris by PhotoShelter. We hope you enjoy getting to know our team!

Meet Farah, Senior Manager of Client Services here at PhotoShelter. If you’re a Libris client, chances are you’ve already met her. Farah helps clients set up their accounts, walks them through the process of organizing their photo and video libraries, and leads our five person Client Services team, which serves as the go-to resource for anyone who is having trouble. We asked Farah to share a bit about her role and why she loves it (spoiler alert, she loves helping people like you solve their problems!)…


10 Things You Might Not Know About Libris Client Services

  1. Our Client Services team (or CS, as we fondly refer to them) is based right here in Union Square in New York City. You can reach them via email or over the phone, and people who are local can just walk in. And if you’re visiting from out of town, stop by and see us! (One time, a PhotoShelter member stopped by the office on a trip from Europe and thanked CS rep Jon Gorman for helping him customize his site!)
  2. Sometimes team members spend up to two hours on the phone walking clients through their challenges with visual asset management.
  3. Our team can help you migrate for all your visual assets. All you have to do is send us a hard drive with your assets, and we can upload your entire visual media library with the structure in tact. We can even run a script to apply folder names as keywords to your images.
  4. The CS team advocates on behalf of all members directly to our product team at least twice a week.
  5. We send out a quarterly client survey to get feedback from our clients to help improve our service.
  6. Our CS team members have a range of past work experiences, from managing a small business to working for large corporations to photographing weddings. Their diverse backgrounds help them relate to the clients they’re helping.
  7. CS alum have transitioned to other parts of PhotoShelter, including Quality Assurance, Marketing, Product and Engineering. (That means they take what they learn about your needs and challenges, and apply it to other areas of the company!)
  8. Clients like Stanley Leary, photographer and visual asset manager for Chick-Fil-A, love PhotoShelter for its customer support. In a blog post, he shared a story about how the team solved his problem, and capped it off with, “WOW!!! I am a raving fan of PhotoShelter.”
  9. Clients give Libris support a rating of 9.8 out of 10 on G2Crowd.
  10. All of the CS team members have fun desk setups, complete with mugs, toys, and cards sent to them by happy Libris clients. Check it out!

  11. The PhotoShelter Client Services team holding up cards from people they've helped along the way!

    The PhotoShelter Client Services team holding up cards from people they’ve helped along the way!

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