Behind the Scenes with Libris: Helping Higher Ed Clients from Our Own Experience

Behind the Scenes with Libris: Helping Higher Ed Clients from Our Own Experience

In this video series, we’re taking you behind the scenes with Libris by PhotoShelter. Meet Senior Manager of Client Services Farah Visslailli, founding Product Architect Peter Krogh, PhotoShelter co-founder and VP of Network Operations Jeffrey Arnold, CEO Andrew Fingerman, our marketing and sales team, and now, Account Executive Caroline Summers. We hope you enjoy getting to know our team!

Caroline Summers has been a photographer for 30 years. She’s covered breaking news for wire services, raced down the highway in a cop car with Dale Earnhardt shooting for AP, and documented 22 years of Samford University history as the university photographer.

Now, she is joining the team here at Libris to pay it forward and help other photographers and storytellers.

“I’m excited to be working at Libris because it’s going to give me an opportunity to help people improve their workflow,” says Caroline. “I like helping people, and I think this is a really cool opportunity to help people do their job better.”

Watch the video to meet Caroline and see why she’s excited to bring what she’s learned to the Libris team.


10 Things You Might Not Know About Libris on Campus

  1. Like Caroline, many of our team members use their own experience shooting for universities, college sports teams and conferences to get people set up with Libris. For example, Martin Vloet spent 14 years as the senior photographer and brand manager for sports photography at the University of Michigan, where he ran a six figure photo store, and David Welker covered the ACC Tournament in Brooklyn for the Atlantic Coast Conference.
  2. Caroline has served on the board of the University Photographers’ Association of America (UPAA) for the past several years. She invited Help-Portrait founder Jeremy Cowart to speak at the UPAA Symposium she hosted at Samford. Since Samford is so service oriented, she also launched a biannual Help-Portrait service opportunity at the UPAA Symposium.
  3. University photographers are some of the best digital asset managers, because they work with tons of stakeholders across campus and off-site, they shoot photos for everything from social media to annual reports, and they need to deliver assets quickly. Check out how six university photographers tackled their challenges with visual storytelling and visual asset management.
  4. Many university photographers, and many professional photographers in general, are searching for ways to beat the iPhone to social media. Find out how Caroline’s fellow UPAA board member, Glenn Carpenter, uses a fast FTP workflow to win the race at Moraine Valley Community College.
  5. Caroline’s favorite Libris feature is Quick Send. “Before, it would just take a while to put everything together. If you were emailing images, you’d have to email two, three at a time, maybe and then go back and confirm that they got everything,” she explains. “With Quick Send you pull them all together, you hit one button, it’s done, and they have everything in their hands.” Learn the rest of our team’s favorite features in another behind the scenes video.
  6. To make distribution even faster, schools like Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University integrate Libris with their single sign-on systems. This makes access to images self-service for stakeholders across campus.
  7. Like many other colleges and universities, Caroline and her team used several systems to manage all of their photo needs before switching to Libris. When they realized they could combine all of their needs, including storage, distribution and print sales into one system, they moved all of their visual assets from Extensis Portfolio to Libris. “Migrating everything into Libris is so quick and so easy,” says Caroline.
  8. Our team works with hundreds of campus clients, ranging from small colleges to universities with massive enrollments. Check out our case studies with Bates College, Franklin & Marshall College and Catholic University.
  9. Many of our clients love Libris so much that they recommend it to their friends, their peers and even their competitors. Watch our team members’ faces as they read our clients’ wonderful feedback.
  10. With 12 years of experience building solutions for cloud-based visual asset management, our product and development teams really know images. Our product team regularly interviews our clients to understand their challenges and learn how Libris can be adapted to better fit their needs. Having former clients like Caroline on our team helps us make sure we are always in tune with our clients’ challenges and workflows.

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    May 5, 2017 at 10:28 am

    Nicely done by all, Kristin, Caroline and the whole team. Photoshelter/Libris is a great product and you now have a great photographer and an even better person with Caroline on the team!

    #upaa2017 #visualhistory

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      Kristin Twiford
      May 5, 2017 at 10:32 am

      Thanks, Glenn! We couldn’t be more excited to have Caroline on our team. Thanks for this great feedback and good luck with the UPAA Symposium!

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