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The Strategy Behind Applegate’s Mouth-Watering Food Photography

As you scroll through Applegate’s Instagram feed, it’s pretty hard to keep your mouth from watering. But something else draws you in even more. Somehow, this food looks friendly and approachable.

Take, for example, this cheerful breakfast:

Or this inviting table setting that makes you feel like joining the party:

Or these Jack o’ Lantern quesadillas that are actually smiling back at you:

None of this is accidental. The team at Applegate has a purposeful, mission-driven visual content strategy that informs every photo, GIF and video. They want their images to be natural and relatable, so you feel inspired to make these recipes in your own kitchen.

Want to go behind the scenes with the Applegate team and learn how you can strengthen your brand and use photography to drive revenue? Join us for a webinar with the Applegate team on January 31 at 2pm!

In this webinar, you’ll learn:
  • How Applegate uses photography to drive revenue
  • Applegate’s step-by-step creative process, from ideation to production
  • How photography impacts the customer journey, from e-commerce to Instagram

Ready to get even more excited for the webinar? Check out our behind the scenes interview with the Applegate team: How Applegate’s Visual Media Library Powers Social Media and Sales.

Cover photo by Guy Ambrosino, Applegate.

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