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Video: 3 Tips for Making Killer Animated Marketing Videos

3 Tips for Making Killer Animated Marketing Videos

Without a doubt, video marketing is a visual storytelling trend that will continue to skyrocket in 2018. Videos catch and hold your audience’s attention, and they beg to be shared.

But video marketing has its challenges. Does your brand provide a product or service that’s abstract or hard to capture with a camera? Are you trying to visualize data and statistics? Is the concept of your project too outlandish to shoot without the budget of a major motion picture?

Enter animated video. Animation opens doors and lets you get creative with your content, whether you’re trying to produce an explainer video or a quick video for social media.

To learn how to produce killer animated marketing videos, we teamed up with the experts over at GoAnimate. Watch the video to get their three top tips for making animated videos!


3 Tips for Producing Animated Brand Videos

Watch the video to get the tips, and scroll through the overview below.

1. Storyboard before you start animating.

Storyboarding is a crucial part of my workflow. Whether I’m producing an explainer video or shooting an Instagram ad, I always start with a storyboard, because it helps me plan out props and settings, develop a shot list, and anticipate any challenges before I start shooting.

When you’re working on an animated video, your storyboard should dictate the look and feel of your video. Do you need to use animated characters, or would a video infographic be a better fit?

Your storyboard should act as a compass throughout your production process.

2. Keep less than five elements on the screen at one time.

Don’t crowd your canvas with too many elements at once. Less is more. Part of the appeal with animation is that it’s simple.

The GoAnimate team says to keep less than five elements on screen at any given time.

3. Make sure every animation serves a purpose.

It’s easy to get carried away with fun effects, like text flying in or objects spinning into place. But don’t add effects unless they add something to your story. The wrong effects can be distracting, and take away from your message.

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