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7 Tips for Visual Storytelling on a Tight Deadline from Top Creatives in Pro Sports

Demand for compelling visual content is on the rise. Meanwhile, creative teams are facing tighter deadlines as audiences expect to see relevant content in real time.

We asked creatives from some of the top names in pro sports communications to share how they produce high quality content in a flash.

Meet the Experts:

  • Heather Taylor, The Economist (moderator)
  • Nate Gordon, Director of Photography for The Players’ Tribune
  • Joe Rey, Manager of Graphic Design & Photography for the New York Jets
  • Maria Rapetskaya, Creative Director for Undefined Creative

Watch the full video, and scroll through to get 7 tips for creativity in real time from our experts.


7 Tips for Creativity in Real Time from The Players’ Tribune, the New York Jets and Undefined Creative

1. Make sure you’re using the fastest photo tools and workflows.

The age of film and processing has been replaced by eye-fi cards and transmitters. Check out how the Rockies use a wireless FTP photo workflow to send photos from camera to social media in minutes.

2. Make sure your team understands a real-time workflow.

Ensuring that your whole team is on the same page creates a more seamless workflow. Plus, make sure everyone on your team, especially your photographer, is a team player.

3. Give your photographer the support they need.

If you’re a photographer, you need to be connected to what’s going on at an event. Photographers may need to wear a headset to listen to the play by play on the radio, keep in touch with the team (via text), or work with a support staff member who watches for moments as the photographer is shooting.

4. Share behind the scenes content in real time.

Behind the scenes content has never been more valuable. It’s a way to give your audience an inside look and keeping them engaged. Check out how Clemson shares behind the scenes content to take campus to the recruit in our post, 9 Cutting-Edge Sports Fan Engagement Tips from the Best Teams in the Industry.

5. Use real time social media to catch the attention of casual fans.

Your loyal fans will check your website regularly, but you’ll catch the attention of casual fans as they scroll through their social media feeds. Use that content to convert them to an avid fan, and maybe eventually to a season ticket holder.

6. When you’re on a shoot, capture something that can go out in real time.

When you’re working on a longer project, capture snippets to share in real time with your audience. Treat it like a teaser for something that’s coming up. Use these teasers to keep your fans engaged while you work on meatier stories.

7. Watch what your competitors are doing.

Everyone is trying to be on the cutting-edge, but everyone is in the same boat. If one team starts doing something differently, it’s only a matter of time before your team has to catch on in order to keep up. The landscape is constantly shifting, so make sure you’re consuming new content and evolving your own work.

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