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17 Visual Storytelling Hacks to Power Your Marketing Strategy

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Snapchat. 360 Video. Facebook Live. The marketing world is buzzing about visual communication. Which tools and trends will take off in 2017? Which brands are catching attention and setting the standard for visual storytelling?

Visual content has an unmatched ability to catch your audience’s attention – you just need the right tips and tricks to make it happen!

Watch our on-demand webinar with content marketer, video producer and manager of the Libris Visual Storytelling Blog Kristin Twiford to get 17 hacks for visual storytelling, complete with stand-out examples and cutting-edge ideas to steal.

We’ve also listed the 17 hacks below, just in case 1) you want to skim the headlines before you commit 30 minutes of webinar watching or 2) you watched the webinar and want to take a deep dive into some of the examples we shared! Happy hacking!

TLDR: 17 Visual Storytelling Hacks for 2017

17 Hacks for Visual Storytelling via the Libris blog. #1 Always Use a Visual.

#2 Build Visually Cohesive Campaigns

A great example of a visually cohesive campaign is Visit Norway’s #SheepWithAView. Read the full story: How VisitNorway’s #SheepWithAView Video Marketing Campaign Became a Viral Hit on Social Media.

#3 Connect with a Value

As Simon Sinek says in his TED Talk, “it’s not what you do it’s why you do it.” Learn more in our post, Video Marketing Tip: Put Your Customers’ Values in the Spotlight.

In line with this hack, Red Bull makes videos not about energy drinks, but about energy.

17 Hacks for Visual Storytelling via the Libris blog. #4 Source Gorgeous Photography.

#5 Get Started with Video

79% of marketers say video’s importance is on the rise. Whether you’re shooting video for social media on your phone or shooting Instagram ads in-house with professional equipment, it’s time to focus on video!

Check out these examples from the webinar:

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