Travel brands are investing in visual storytelling across platforms. Photos and videos have an unmatched ability to draw people in to a destination – especially if those photos and videos are well-produced, effectively presented and strategically distributed to reach the right audience. Libris is partnering with the Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International (HSMAI) to celebrate a brand in the travel and tourism industry that is committed to using visual assets creatively in marketing and communication to tell its story. Libris will present the Pioneer in Visual Storytelling Award at

“Three things people love are pancakes, a food truck and selfies,” says Jen Gribble VP of the Holiday Inn Express Brand, “so it’s all about finding passion points.” The Holiday Inn Express team is combining these three passion points in a #PancakeSelfie tour, which kicked off in Union Square on Friday. The campaign is based on customer research that says breakfast is a key factor for guests deciding where to stay. It highlights the “one touch pancake machine,” a breakfast staple in every Holiday Inn Express hotel, and adds a

Marketers are clamoring to work with influencers: ambassadors who will share your brand’s messages with their massive social media followings. After shooting photos for a successful influencer marketing campaign with Adidas during NBA All-Star, photographer and PhotoShelter member Michel Leroy has one tip for marketers: “Make it authentic.” Two years ago, the Adidas team reached out to Michel because they liked his portrait work and asked him to stage a “photo booth,” of sorts for their “Style Suite” at NBA All-Star. “The whole idea of the All-Star Week ‘Style Suite,’”

As the 2016 Olympic Games consume our collective attention, brands are upping their game and sharing creative content to join in the excitement. Kellogg’s had its own Opening Ceremony of sorts in Union Square earlier this year to unveil #TeamKelloggs – a team packed with first time Olympic hopefuls. Not only could passersby meet and take photos with future Olympians, including gold-medalist-to-be Simone Biles, but they could also experience a bit of training first hand through virtual reality and Periscope. Check it this video of the highlights, featuring interviews with

Travel is inherently visual, and that means travel brands have a prime opportunity to engage audiences with stunning photos and videos. But where to start? Check out these 7 tips for improving your travel brand’s visual content marketing, from studying the trends to sharing visual content across platforms. 1. Know the visual content marketing trends. Marketers across industries are focusing on the power of visual content to tell stories. In a study on visual content with CMO Council, 65% of senior marketing executives said visual assets (photos, video, illustrations and

Destination marketers are constantly looking for new ways to engage travelers. They are building visually engaging websites, getting creative with public relations and sharing visual content across platforms. But travelers don’t want to simply consume visual content, they also want to create their own. In an age where everyone carries at least one camera everywhere they go, it’s crucial to capitalize on a traveler’s desire to take pictures and share them on social media. A photo walk is a fantastic way to encourage people to explore your destination, capture a

“New” is trending in Sacramento. The Sacramento Kings have a new coach, a new owner, a new logo, a new brand look and feel, and in a few months, the team will have a new arena. To spread the word, the Kings marketing team is using cutting-edge visual storytelling. To launch the new brand, the team played off of its successful “Sacramento Proud” campaign with the hashtag, #NewEraOfProud. On social media, the Kings engaged thousands of fans with this video celebrating the team’s past and future: Inspired by the Past.

Few travel brands are as recognizable as I Love New York. But this brand’s visual communications go well beyond the iconic heart mark, and we’ve got the inside scoop. We asked the team at Empire State Development’s Division of Tourism, I Love New York, to share how they draw visitors to New York: “In our mission to inspire travel to New York’s 11 vacation regions, visual storytelling is at the heart of everything we do. Beautiful and captivating images of regional attractions and destinations are leveraged to generate a positive

This post is the second in a three-part series on rights managed photography by Allen Murabayashi, PhotoShelter co-founder and an avid photographer. Check out the first post, What is Rights Managed Photography? There is no doubt that rights managed (RM) imagery is more expensive, and can create administrative burdens (e.g. is the license still valid? Is the usage compliant with the license?). But rights managed gives you peace of mind with the exclusivity granted by the license. An infamous Wall Street Journal article from 2006 illustrated the hazards of using

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