Everyone loves a Cinderella story. In March 2016, two schools unexpectedly won the chance to compete in March Madness, the NCAA Division I men’s basketball tournament. When the University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR) and Stony Brook University surprised everyone by advancing to the Big Dance, their fans rallied around the teams on social media. In a session called ‘No, YOU’RE Crying! How Two Schools Turned a Cinderella Story into Social Media Gold’ at HighEdWeb’s 2016 conference, Meaghan Milliorn Fikes of UALR and Chris D’Orso of Stony Brook shared

The way we communicate is changing. Visual storytelling becomes more important every day – whether we’re posting marketing images on Instagram to our brand’s wide audience or sending Snapchats to our friends, we are constantly sharing and consuming visual content. Peter Krogh says this changing digital landscape is a result of the “mobile revolution.” Peter is a professional photographer and digital asset management expert who creates photographs for companies like PBS and consults for organizations like the Library of Congress, the Frans Lanting Collection and the National Aquarium. He was

Photos and videos are exploding online. Every day, new innovative content is capturing our attention. Marketers are taking advantage of the trend and investing in visual content. The majority of senior marketers say visual content is crucial to their business, and its importance will continue to rise in the future. But what exactly does that future look like? How will user-generated content affect how brands communicate? Will we all be experiencing new destinations through VR headsets? How can marketing teams track their content and its performance? How will we manage

Visual communication is crucial in higher education, and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University has no shortage of photo ops. Whether they are shooting photos of students testing unmanned aeronautical vehicles or taking snapshots of planes taking off during the annual Air Race Classic, Embry-Riddle’s multimedia team is constantly capturing what’s going on at the university. “We often have to turn things around very quickly,” says Daryl Labello, Embry-Riddle’s Multimedia Producer, adding that his stakeholders at the university typically need images within 24 hours. “Of course, Libris helps us do that.” Daryl and

This post is by Peter Krogh, photographer and digital asset management expert. Check out his tips in our Up and Running series. Cover photo by Peter Krogh. A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending the inaugural symposium presented by the National Digital Initiatives (NDI) team. The NDI is a new “startup” run by my friend Kate Zwaard within the Library of Congress. It is working to create innovative approaches to digital collections. The day-long symposium examined the concept of collections as data. It was a blue-sky topic,

Your media library deserves a showcase that’s clean, sleek, and intuitive so you, your team and your stakeholders can access your content with ease. Earlier this year, we launched the ability to customize your Portal with your logo and brand colors. Now, we’re releasing a set of new features to make the Portal faster, more mobile friendly, easier to navigate and more customizable. With the update, you’ll be able to customize your navigation bar, use new icons to move through the Portal, and deliver your visual assets in a Portal

For four years, the Holland Marketing Alliance has been making Americans laugh and motivating them to book trips to Holland with the visual content marketing campaign, Holland. The Original Cool. Now, the team is wrapping up the campaign with a 17-minute short film that captures your attention and takes you on an emotional journey to Holland. The film features cameos by the campaign’s original characters, like Pim De Koel and The American, and includes subtle moments of humor. But it follows a new character with a powerful story that pulls

This post is part of a series by Danielle Maczynski, a member of the Libris sales & marketing team who is also a freelance photographer and journalist. All photos by Danielle Maczynski. Check out more of her stunning photos in this Libris gallery. What do Switzerland, Glaciers and Tony Parker have in common? This is what I wondered when I opened an email from the Swiss Tourism board with a description that read, “come watch Tony Parker play basketball on a glacier 13,000 feet above sea level.” After rereading that

When you bring together hundreds of creative adventurers in one of the most awe-inspiring places in the world, chances are they’ll share some fantastic ideas. Last week, the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) hosted its annual Adventure Travel World Summit in Anchorage, AK. Not only did the event produce some incredible photos and videos (if you haven’t seen the slideshow of the ATTA storytelling team’s photos in this post, drop everything you’re doing and check it out!), but it also brought together some incredible visual storytellers. Check out the six

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