This post is part of a series by Danielle Maczynski, a member of the Libris sales & marketing team who is also a freelance photographer and journalist. All photos by Danielle Maczynski. Check out more of her stunning photos in this Libris gallery. What do Switzerland, Glaciers and Tony Parker have in common? This is what I wondered when I opened an email from the Swiss Tourism board with a description that read, “come watch Tony Parker play basketball on a glacier 13,000 feet above sea level.” After rereading that

When you bring together hundreds of creative adventurers in one of the most awe-inspiring places in the world, chances are they’ll share some fantastic ideas. Last week, the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) hosted its annual Adventure Travel World Summit in Anchorage, AK. Not only did the event produce some incredible photos and videos (if you haven’t seen the slideshow of the ATTA storytelling team’s photos in this post, drop everything you’re doing and check it out!), but it also brought together some incredible visual storytellers. Check out the six

Travel and tourism professionals are buzzing about influencer marketing. How do you choose an influencer to sponsor? What should you expect in return? How do you make sure influencer partnerships generate the most impact, especially if you have a limited budget for influencer marketing? To find the answers to our burning influencer marketing questions, we asked Visit Greenland’s content manager Tanny Por to share her secrets. In addition to creating stories for Visit Greenland’s website and social media channels, Tanny manages partnerships with social media influencers. She and her colleagues

Right now adventure travel professionals from all over the world are gathering in Anchorage to swap tips and ideas at the Adventure Travel World Summit hosted by the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA). The event kicked off with a day of adventure where attendees could choose from 38 adventures ranging from glacier hiking to bear viewing to flightseeing. ATTA’s team of storytellers captured the day through photos and videos and immediately uploaded their content to ATTA’s Libris visual media library. When you look at these photos, it’s easy to see

Ah, fall – time to ring in the start of college sports season both on the field and online. Athletic departments are getting creative with photos and videos across social media platforms to make sure fans in the stands are paying attention, whether they’re focused on the action or the phones in their hands. University of Maryland athletics shared a spin-off of James Corden’s wildly popular Carpool Karaoke on Facebook featuring athletes from all of the university’s fall sports teams. In just a few days, the video has garnered thousands

Celebrating Tourism Marketing at ESTO 2016 Destination marketers from all over the country shared ideas and celebrated a year of top-notch tourism marketing at the Educational Seminar for Tourism Organizations (ESTO) 2016. Hot topics ranged from branding myths to virtual reality to cake pops, all of which were well documented on Twitter (especially the cake pops). Cake pops? Well played, @TripAdvisor, well played. #ESTO16 @USTravelESTO — Angela Cruz (@angelacruztube) August 29, 2016 Our team had a blast spreading the word about the power of visual content for tourism marketing

Dairy Queen and Mashable are celebrating DQ’s new oven hot snacks with – what else? – snackable content! The two brands caught the attention of passersby in Union Square today by handing out free samples of pretzel sticks, potato skins and snack wraps, and inviting guests to take their picture in a branded photo booth. And this is no ordinary photo booth – it’s a Smilebooth that’s churning out GIFs! Once you take your pictures, you can email them to yourself or tweet them instantly from the booth. The team

For companies unaccustomed to hiring a professional photographer, the notion of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars might seem unnecessary and indulgent in an age where “everyone is a photographer.” But hiring a photographer isn’t so dissimilar from hiring a plumber or an accountant. You might be able to fix a leaky faucet or handle an audit, but it’s probably not worth your while. You don’t know what you don’t know, and you could spend more time and money for inferior results than if you hire a pro. In hiring

The importance of every form of visual content is on the rise as brands compete to stand out. A survey of top marketing executives reveals photography is critical to the marketing strategies of 93% of brands. Brands that distinguish themselves with high quality professional photography and strong storytelling will break through the clutter and catch their audience’s attention. That’s why we’re talking to top professional photographers to get advice for your brand. First, Allen Murabayashi shared his tips for sourcing rights managed photography. Then, we talked to Michel Leroy about

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